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Liber LXI vel Causae: The preliminary lection including the history lection [ Aleister Crowley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Liber LXI vel Causae. A.’. A.’. The Preliminary Lection including the History Lection. by CROWLEY, Aleister ]. and a great selection of similar Used, New and . LIBER LXI VEL CAUSAE – The Preliminary Lection Including The History Lection. 6 Sections – Section 1, Introductory – The Order – Text Number.

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We labour earnestly, dear brother, that you may never be led away to perish upon this point; for thereon have many holy and just men been wrecked. The flesh profiteth nothing; the mind profiteth nothing; that which is unknown to you and above these, while firmly based upon their equilibrium, giveth life. If one clings to the light and ignores the darkness, one is not equilibrated; if one clings to virtues and ignores vices, one is not equilibrated; if one clings to one belief and ignores its opposite, one is not equilibrated.

In the language of Thelemic Mysticism, the Adept and the Holy Guardian Angel are united like lovers, they meet and interact and enjoy cause another but they remain separate as Adept and Angel. Francis of Assisi visited lepers, the sight of which disgusted him. For Perfection abideth not in the Pinnacles, or in the Foundations, but in the ordered Harmony of one with all.

Conversely, many of caysae anxieties, worries, and fears that plague the Mystic will fall away or seem petty in contrast to this Mystic communion. Vrl Wand To Cross the Abyss, one must surrender all that causwe has and all that one is. This is sometimes called the Beatific Vision by Crowley.

In fact, one is seeking the Whole, both upright and averse, and not simply the Highest. The claim of the Order that the true adepts were in charge of it was definitely disproved.

Liber LXI vel Causae |

The Work of the Lover, after having achieved Knowledge and Conversation, is therefore one of Equilibrium: This is what is generally said by Mystics to be the necessity of having a Love of All. We must pass over the unhappy juggleries which characterized the next period. Also by images and symbols have men striven to lliber it: This is why Buddhists meditate in the presence of decaying corpses. In the broadest sense, this Love is acceptance.


For the reading of that which follows is Recorded. But in causwe, as in all other effort to vek it, is the root of cause falsity and misapprehension, since all words imply some duality. Communion with the Holy Guardian Angel. By this have all the visible systems lost the essence of wisdom. Being himself no perfect adept, he was driven of the Spirit into the Wilderness, where he abode for six years, studying by the light of reason the sacred books and secret systems of initiation of all countries and ages.

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Therefore, though I call it Light, it is not Light, nor absence of Light. Also He conferred upon D. Please send ccausae feedback, requests, or corrections libdr webmaster oto-usa. To set up expectations as to what Illumination or Knowledge and Conversation may entail is, in a sense, an impediment to being open and surrendering to what truly is. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The temple must be builded before the God can indwell it.

Returning to England, he laid his achievements humbly at the feet of a certain adept D. They can further insure that he is duly tried and tested, for there are many who think themselves to be Llxi who have not even begun to tread the Way of Service that leads thereto. Finally, there was given unto him a certain exalted grade whereby a man becomes master of knowledge and intelligence, and no more their slave. The incidents of life become a harmonious unity; one is lost in a rosy dream of romantic happiness.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. They resolved to prepare all things, great and small, against that day when such Authority should be received by them, since they knew not where to seek for higher adepts than themselves, but knew that the true way to attract the notice of such was to equilibrate the symbols.


After some time S. Those who discovered the ciphers wrote to S. The Mystic naturally and effortlessly sees the Divine permeating all things in the world.

The persistence in this Love so that it becomes complete and perfect, so to speak, leads to the next stage. Book 4, Part IIchapter 6: We have sought to reveal the Arcanum; we have only profaned it. The adept who causaf this added that the Order had already quite enough knowledge to enable it or its members to formulate a magical link with the adepts. In short, cauae Order failed to initiate. Also his body shook and staggered with the burden of that bliss and that excess and that ultimate nameless.

Subdue thy fear and thy disgust. There is, however, no unreality in the vision. Should therefore the candidate hear the name of any God, let him not rashly assume that it refers to any known God, save only the God known to himself.

That is, they do not constitute Illumination itself, but they often accompany Illumination.

Liber LXI vel Causae

Especially let him cuasae against the finding of definite sectarian symbols in the teaching of his master, and the reasoning from the known to the unknown which assuredly will tempt him. Wherefore they resolved to establish a new Order which should be free from the errors and deceits of the former one. It was written by one of them that S. He discovered that S.

He [must] complete the formation of himself as an image of the All. This site uses cookies. Typically, the Mystic will perceive a certain sense of beauty in all things.