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Devido à sua importância para o país, foram sancionadas a Lei nº , .. Disponível em: [ Links ]. The interpreters of Sign Language have an essential role in the education of [Paper reference 1]. 6 set. No caso dos relativamente incapazes, a lei não lhes retira a ingerência ou a participação na vida jurídica. Eles praticam os atos em seu próprio.

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In this article, we present a study on the activity of simultaneous interpreting from Portuguese to Libras in that context, on the basis of a dialogue involving interpreting and theater studies as well as theoretical formulations by Bakhtin and the Circle.

Issues in interpreting studies. Literatura e outras linguagens.

lek Four of them were from IFECT and nine were hired as temporary servers to work with the deaf students. In other words, when dealing with the reality of language and observing an enunciative project for the establishment of sense effects according to the genre to which the textual materiality belongs, we cannot assume that we are able to register or describe all variables that an enunciation comprises.

The visual dimension, thus, constitutively interacts with the verbal dimension or vice-versaadding value to it. Universidade Federal do Tocantins.

In a classroom with a mono-oral-language educational system, it 110436 impossible to these students to advance in their studies and acquire knowledge with quality without an interpreter Lacerda, This result is consistent with the fact that IFECT had 20 twenty deaf students enrolled in three of its four campuses in the time of this research.

In the lie offered for making suggestions or comments on topics not approached in the questionnaire, some interest observations were pointed out: Another important theoretical-methodological assumption we must point out is that no method for analyzing theatrical scenes exhausts all the possibilities of observing them, and, for this reason. The testimony of another interpreter were similar: 14036 in medical graduation: She was in the audience where she could see all the performance, in front of the SLTI who was interpreting Chart It is impossible to disassociate them from the whole that dialogues, influences and is influenced by the moment of enunciation and the relations that happen in this context.


Clearly, the union of all professional efforts with their experiences with deaf people in the educational environment, including the sign language interpreters, may improve the teaching quality on attending this public. The character then leans in the direction of the text as if she were trying to readbut what she pronounces with difficulty is not the projected text.

During video montage Figure 03 we used the video of the scene as a whole, but enlarged the video 104336 the interpreters so we could better see the details of the production of sign language utterances. What we have presented has not exhausted the description and analysis of the object; on the contrary, we use this reflection as a basis for opening new areas of discussion.

It is, thus, different from studies that are based on linguistic theories of a structural or formalistic nature. Translated by Orison B. Terracota Editora, me, p. The Brazilian network involves 38 institutes with more than units that offer free courses from technical to post doctorate level Federal Network of Professional, Scientific and Lri Education, Answers of interpreters about the existence of barriers or difficulties in carrying out their work with deaf students of IFECT.

Thus a questionnaire containing 10 ten questions was applied along with lej term of free informed consent. Considering the cultural-educational potential of cultural spaces, there is an increasing number of professional Sign Language Translators and Interpreters henceforth SLTI 1 acting in the theatrical sphere – in which there are also musical performances – in order to meet a demand for accessibility in Brazilian Sign Language Libras for the deaf leo and to guarantee the presence of this audience in 1036 performances.

Libras in medical graduation: the awakening to a new language

Deaf people are currently strengthening their citizenship. If in every sphere there are many challenges affecting interlingual interpreting, all of which imply a complex web of relationships, when we deal with texts from the artistic sphere, and more specifically from theater, there are several factors to be considered in addition to cultural and linguistic transfers produced. Revista de Estudos do Discursov. We consider the professional SLTIs 14036 interpret during theater performances verbal-visual elements that are part of the stage and thus dialogue with it, becoming part of the performance text, part of the theatrical scene.


They are texts in which verbal-visuality presents itself as constitutive, making it impossible to exclude either the verbal or the visual dimension and, specially, the forms integrated by these dimensions to produce meaning BRAIT,p. We must also consider that the activity of simultaneous interpreting deals with immediacy and unpredictability.

I started to understand that places are not made to dream [ The Problem of Speech Genres. Introduction to Special Education: Translators and Interpreters of Brazil ian Sign Language: We will also consider the interpretative act, in other words, the interpreter in activity at the moment of enunciation in Libras, and not the specific activity of written text translation.

Lwi should leii part of a multidisciplinary teaching team and engage collaboratively with teachers to guarantee for 10463 deaf students the education access so they can have a proper understanding of the whole scholar curriculum, including complex disciplines such as science and biotechnology Eem,Rumjanek et al.

In this paper we applied a questionnaire to 11 eleven llei that work at two IFECT campuses at the time of the survey.

Thus we analyzed their opinion about different aspects involving their work with students with hearing disabilities in this institution. Answers of the interpreters about the proper training of teachers to teach the deaf students of IFECT. To reach eli objective, we present, after this introduction, some theoretical and methodological assumptions which constitute the basis of our analysis.

Crítica à nova sistemática da incapacidade de fato segundo a Lei 13.146/15

In this question, the biggest complaint of the interpreters e, despite the image importance on deaf student comprehension, the lack of images in the presentation strategies used by these teachers in their classes is huge. She turns her head and sees the actress holding the papers on a table.

At several times this research revealed the importance of planning and organizing the teaching methods to properly teach deaf students.