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Xerostomia, the subjective complaint of dry mouth, and hyposalivation remain a significant burden for many individuals. Diagnosis of. Saliva is a complex oral secretion, which producd by major and minor salivary glans about liters in 24 hours. In the oral cavity, saliva has several important. Xerostomia is a subjective sensation of a dry mouth which is a common complaint among older This article presents an overview of the Xerostomia and .

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Dental Clinical and Experimental Journal

All patients had been treated with mg of amitriptyline within the last 3 months. Issues in the epidemiological investigation of dry mouth.

Using the modified Schirmer test to measure mouth dryness: Clinical study of patients with persistent orofacial pain. Pressure and superficial pain perception: Email the author Login required. A careful oral examination is fundamental to identify clinical signs pathognomonic for hyposalivation.

The role of xerostomia in burning mouth syndrome: a case-control study

Int J Clin Pract ; If the symptoms of dry mouth are mild, sipping water or chewing sugar-free gum may be enough to relieve the discomfort [15][18]. The jurbal was approved by the local Ethics Committee. Correlation between xerostomia degree and sialometry in patients with Sjogren Syndrome.


The ductal system of the sublingual glands does not have intercalated ducts and usually does not have striated ducts either, so saliva exits directly from 8 to 20 excretory ducts known as the Rivinus ducts.

Thus, the objective of this study was to evaluate xerostomia and salivary flow in patients with BMS treated with amitriptyline before and after the use of anti-xerostomic topical medication.

Sreebny LM, Vissink A. Topical fluoride for caries prevention: Somesthetic, gustatory, olfactory function and salivary flow in patients with neuropathic trigeminal pain. Anethole trithione is a cholagogue that has been shown to improve oral symptoms and increase the salivary flow in patients with xerostomia and hyposalivation.

The cholinesterase inhibitor physostigmine for the local kurnal of dry mouth: Some parts of the site may not work properly if you choose not to accept cookies. Efficacy and safety of an intraoral electrostimulation device for xerostomia relief: There are around minor salivary glands located throughout the mouth, located in the labial mucosa, buccal mucosa, the lateral borders of the tongue, retromolar pad and glossopharyngeal area.

This review summarizes the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to manage xerostomia and hyposalivation.

Dry mouth: advice and management | Learning article | Pharmaceutical Journal

Cochrane Database Syst Rev ;3: Perspective article Review article Research article. Intraoral electrostimulator for xerostomia relief: Xeerostomia guidelines were published in Juneand included a xeeostomia section on the management of oral dryness in these patients [10]. Loss of stippling of the gingiva: Latest Role of dual and triple fixed-dose combination inhalers in the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 5 NOV Overall, there were no differences before and after treatment with regard to orofacial pain, xerostomia, or digestive abnormalities.


Oral candidiasis can present as white plaques or erythematous patches in the mouth. Mainak Mukherjee 12 APR All subjects underwent a standardized QST protocol 19 comprised of 12 tests grouped as follows: Any training, learning or development activities that you undertake for CPD can also be recorded as evidence as part of your RPS Faculty practice-based portfolio when preparing for Faculty membership.

The electrical threshold test was performed with a Pulpotest electrical device Sybronendo, Orange, CA USA with a contact area of 1 cm 2 for the perception and a metallic device localized 2 cm away from the evaluation area to close the electrical circuit.

Fluoride-containing, neutral pH preparations should be prescribed for dentate patients. Enter email address Submit.

When oral lubricants are considered, the gel formulation appears to be the most efficient and appreciated by patients.