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YASKAWA AC Drive-J Type: CIMR-JU. Compact V/f Control Drive. Models: V Class, Three-Phase Input: to kW. V Class, Single-Phase. YASKAWA AC Inverter Series J Document Download. The J meets all automation requirements for compact applications with variable speed operation and energy saving characteristics. A wide range of useful.

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Start-up Flowchart Fine tune parameters. Applications which receive loads repeatedly require derating. Periodic inspections should generally be checked every months; however, the drive may require more frequent inspection due to poor environments or rigorous use.

Frequency reference is too low. The following equipment is especially applicable. Installing Fuses on the Input Side Tuning Page 87 – C2: Differences between Heavy Duty HD j1000 and Normal Duty ND ratings for the drive include rated input and output current, overload capacity, carrier frequency and current limit.

Drive Label Warnings To conform to requirements, make sure to ground the supply neutral for Yaskawq class. Page of Go. Parameter settings can be edited after entering the correct password.

Yaskawa is not responsible for the consequences of ignoring these instructions. Parameter o can be used to reset this No signal output avail.

Operator Related Settings Page – O3: Both can be used to adjust the analog input A1 characteristics. For a list of digital input selections, Refer to Parameter List on page Check the motor fan. Page 26 The power transmission mechanism will make noise and experience problems with service life and durability if the motor is operated at a speed higher than the rated speed. Upper and lower limits between C and C contradict each other.


YASKAWA J Downloads

To conform to requirements, make sure to ground the supply neutral for V class. Page 81 Set the frequency reference to F6. Apply only a small amount of pressure to lock the cover back into place. Message Format Continue with steps 3 to 5 until the last data has been processed.

The magnitude of the braking load trips the braking resistor overheat alarm, NOT the surface temperature. Page Check the frequency reference terminal input gain level assigned to terminal A1 parameter yasjawa values. Our specialized engineers will respond you politely with their true opinions.

Inverter Series J1000

Open the catalog to page 7. RUN Light Lit n1000 the drive is operating the motor. Reference Settings Reference 1 instead of d Don’t show me this message again.

Decides for what amount the output C Slip Compensation frequency is boosted in order to compensate the slip. Revision History The revision dates and the numbers of the revised manuals appear on the bottom of the back cover. Ultra small body and side-by-side installation helps you to design and set up a more compact control panel.

Run Command Selection Refer to b Periodically check the maintenance monitors to avoid this situation. Copy Function Optional Parameter settings can be copied to another drive to simplify parameter restoration or multiple drive setup. Easily change the direction of motor Change the direction of motor rotation more easily with parameter settings rather than reversing output phase cables to the motor. Disconnecting the Power Supply The drive should be shut off in the case of a fault in external equipment such as braking resistors through use of a Magnetic Contactor MC.


Bit 1 changes the direction. The inputs operate as shown in the table below. A single-phase motor cannot be used. Contact Yaskawa or your Yaskawa agent to order these peripheral devices. The values at the carrier frequency of 10 kHz.

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Sets the slip compensation gain. Current derating must be considered. Page – H5: This value should be ysakawa to 0 when the relay has been replaced.

The shield should be grounded on the controller side or on the drive input power side. Braking Resistor is protected from overheat. Recommended Daily Inspection Table 7.

Communications Timing Increase H if the drive response causes overrun in the master. Don’t have an account? Ensure that the left and right tabs are locked back into yasoawa. Ensure the end user. Special Adjustments Page – O: Page 82 When a Stop command is issued or the Run command is removed, the drive will shut off its output and the motor will coast uncontrolled deceleration to stop where the stopping time is determined by the inertia and the friction in the driven system.