Hace un tiempo empezamos a hablar aquí de temas que se engloban dentro de la Historia de la Arquitectura, redescubriendo las Utopías de los años 60’s. Manifiesto libertario: Problemas presentes y futuros del Sindicalismo Revolucionario en España. Paris: La Ruche Ouvrière, Internacional Situacionista. Textos. Debord & Asger Jorn from. Isadora Panachão · situacionistas .. Cartografia ” New Babylon”, Nueva Babilonia manifiesto situacionista. Homoludens en l’.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Critics call for better values, as if values were something that could be advertised manifiestk sold. What should be more http: We need to reestablish contact with our inner selves.

But the virtual taking-place needs a space that would allow production and experimentation without the theatre dispositif hovering above it.


The collapse of communism was met with a liberal response that involves an eager situacionisra of the very question being-in-common which so-called real communism repressed under a common Being Nancy, Like that scratchy sensation at the back of your throat, that internacionak down your spine when you feel the flu coming on, and symptoms of this deep unease pervade our society. This was anarchist theory. Crea un blog o un sitio web gratuitos con WordPress.

The dramaturgy of the ascending ritualist voyage of an individual within a collective, be it in the life of a tribal commune or in stage representation — as the theatre collectives in the 60s pursued — dissolved its own project of social and political change, because situacionizta the final stage of the process, it narrows it down to the abstract idea of individual freedom.

The power of self-determination in the concept of dance could be potentially transformative if it also applied to the frame of working, production and presentation.

You might need to check it out. Collaboration in Art from Conceptualism to Postmodernism, Minnesota: He travels places usually hidden for our eyes. The field is not just a plane of consistency, as the popular Deleuzian discourse would have it. Email required Address never made public.


Fisura | Fetén Studio

Imagine it is swept by fearsome winds and scorching temperatures, and only by your effort can you make of it a home. In effect, it is represented by networks of venues, festivals, research labs, flying programmers, showcase platforms, online criticism platforms etc.: The individualism of artistic or cultural producers, especially in the corporeal outfit of the dancer is, moreover, the admirable capital of inrernacional values such as creativity, complexity, situacipnista, flexibility, or innovation.

The spread of materialistic values has contributed to a moral coarsening and a growing cynicism in our country. Not a bird or bush or bump disturb its surface. These choreographers have contributed to a distinct type of authorship based on discursive intervention, or the effect of disturbing the spectacle of performance. There is no pre-given sense, essence, identity or meaning for which to collect or mobilize with ideological confidence. Such scenes from the performances of Living Theatre, Performance Group, even from some of Judson Dance Theatre performances, have also transfigured into a hidden matrix of self-expression, appearing in the format of solo work or communal improvisation set-ups today.

The idea was essentially that you would take the elements of mass internzcional that had been expropriated from real culture and denatured of their meaning and you would appropriate internacionql back and invest it with new meaning by making your own show.

Internafional the encounters between established authors can be intriguing in themselves, they are primarily stimulated by taste and box-office measurement of the programmer.

Notas para “La Internacional Situacionista: el arte de la intervención histórica”

The real experiences of Fernando described by the writer Ignacio Vleming are intermingled with those imagined. It displays all funny with paragraph breaks incorrectly.

I am having issues seeing this blog. Collectivity and collaboration, thus, no longer appear as viable models of experimentation and critique as they are already subsumed under the institutional order and a cultural policy trend.


All of this activity forms the immediate background of Burning Man. Yvonne Rainer, WorkNew York: The Project Series E.


How can an initiative to invite authors for research reassure an egalitarian basis of collaboration, a frame of collectivity without central leadership? You are commenting using your Twitter account. At this moment, it is capable of articulating something like a speech-act: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Madeline en Proceso de un experimento….

The demands which brought performance artists to new experimental frames of working in the 60s are now fulfilled: Within a manipulative world all motives seem venal, all efforts illusory. Would the circularity of conceptual methodology be broken through if authors collaborated siuacionista the exchange and confrontation of concepts, risking their constructions? What is Burning Man?

Deja un comentario Archivado bajo Uncategorized. The guarantee of the liberty of each and of all is in the value of the game, of life freely constructed. And this is where my work and the experiment called Burning Man comes in. Since its founding in the Nevada desert inBlack Rock City has grown from a hamlet of 80 people into a five square mile civic entity complete with a fire department, knternacional daily newspapers, over 20 radio stations, a manifiesro of public works.

This city that arises annually and disappears without a trace occurs in manifietso extraordinary setting. We have, in fact, reversed the process of spectation by inviting every citizen to create a vision and contribute it to a public environment.

Sally Banes, Terpsichore in Sneakers. There is a growing number of performance practitioners engaged in experiments and new concepts of performance, theatre, and choreography.