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The long-awaited new audiobook from Greg Egan! Hugo Award-winning author Egan returns to the field with Incandescence, a new novel of hard SF. The long-awaited new novel from Greg Egan! Hugo Award-winning author Egan returns to the field with Incandescence, a new novel of hard SF. The Amalgam. Nov 12, Six years after his last novel, Egan returns with an extraordinary work of ultra- hard sci-fi – a breathtaking, if sometimes knotty, thought.

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Except for one small flaw: We don’t know if one occurs in the past or future of the other, or even if they end up in the same place, since some small mention is made of the fact that the setting they both end up in may have been duplicated by the original makers.


These are mostly focused on speculating about some interesting theoretical models and sort of transcendent morality I found the book very un-gripping most of the time and I barely finished it Strange Horizons is a weekly magazine of and about speculative fiction. Greg Egan specialises in hard science fiction stories with mathematical and quantum ontology themes, including the nature of consciousness. I just finished reading this book and enjoyed it but didn’t really understand the connection between the two plot lines.

The Splinter orbits a neutron star. The characters and plot were good too, although probably secondary to the exposition of science.

Perhaps he’s not prolific. Much of the narrative explores the effects of orbital dynamics around a high mass object and requires an understanding of Newtonian gravitation and at least a basic familiarity with general relativity and its application to black holes and neutron stars to be compelling.

Spectroscopy revealed that its surface contained molecular filaments, carbon nanotubes with elaborate chemical modifications that both strengthened them and protected them against the stellar wind. None of it was deep enough to completely suffocate me, but it did begin to feel like an algebraic overdose sometime in the first half of the book with the majority of it still to come.

Are we to suppose that jelly babies of all things have survived so lengthy a span of time? I’m being intentionally eggan here since when Egan listed 4 misconceptions about his book on his webpage: The Null Line lay in the middle of incandescece Calm, but the Calm extended far beyond it, encompassing a whole plane that stretched out in the shomal and junub directions, as well as the Null Line’s rarb and sharq.


Then we find a second narrative, braided in alternate chapters with the first.

The main issue I had with the book is the super-advanced far-future utopian multi-culti society. Roi approached them to inspect their offerings. Recommended for hard sci-fi readers who want to explore very unique science ideas in their fiction.

Roi is a member sgan that lost race, which is not only lost to the Amalgam, but lost to itself. The novel follows a fairly standard structure that alternates between 2 disparate stories that eventually merge. He did something similar in The Arrows of Time with Valeria at the very end, though it didn’t have quite the same sensawunda for me that Incandescence’s big reveal did.

Print SF can include books, stories, ebooks, graphic novels, comics, webcomics, manga, radio plays, music, and more. There are many better fictive methods for marking estrangement from the ordinary than this.

Questions about Incandescence by Greg Egan [spoilers] : printSF

Jun 01, Haim rated it really liked it Shelves: I’d heartily recommend the book to anyone with an interest in physics, but even ignoring that, it was still a fun, beautiful book. Submit a new link. Incandescence by Greg Egan. This book describes a species learning the laws of physics in an environment with a very different pattern of weights to what we see on Earth. When incandescejce was revealed that Roi and Zak are orbiting a neutron star in a sliver-shaped object with he gravitational forces they experience are caused by tidal forces, I thought “ooooooooh March 9, at This is just one incandesdence of mathematical fiction from the list.

Incandescence (novel) – Wikipedia

The Aloof eschew communication with the larger Amalgam society that inhabits the outer area of the galaxy. It seems for the whole book that they will eventually meet up, as one would expect from this sort of narrative convention, but guess what?

The civilization didn’t flee “their incandescehce planet”, or not exactly. Both stories are set in a context involving post-singularity mind transfer among bodies, and travel across interstellar distances typical of many hard sci-fi books. IIRC the first travellers were descendants of humans, and incadescence were the sort of people Lahl was looking for.


That prospect struck him as somewhat cheerier than if they’d been brought along with only their present purpose in mind.

Jun 26, Caroline rated incajdescence it was amazing. The solution was very elegant and satisfying! With her own carapace split open along her left side, she used her mating claw to reach into the males’ bodies, snip the globes free, and deposit them inside herself. I skim read, blanked out, and totally forgot things as I went along That does not mean that they are to be preferred as a reading experience. November 19, at 6: Do not complain about works not fitting your personal definition of “science fiction”.

The ripe seed packets secreted a substance that the males found extremely unpleasant, and whilst unplucked globes did shrivel up and die eventually, waiting for that to happen could be an ordeal.

Submit a new text post. Which is to say, Science. I wanted to know why the Aloof were so different from the Amalgam and why they had chosen to make this communication at this time.

Egan about the “hatchet job” above, and while I read this review when it was originally published and disagreed with it but imcandescence not comment, I thought about adding my opinion Incandescence is not a “literary” novel but a pure genre novel, a hard-sf one in this case, and it should judged on those criteria, ie accuracy of science, resonability of predictions, clarity of explanations, enough plot to keep it interesting If it’s worth posting, it’s worth posting as a self-post indandescence context.

Minus one star for incomprehensibility. I would assume that they are and that Lahl was created by some automatic process. If there’s really little more to discover and achieve, why not play?