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It is a curve which join highest point of the earth and lowest point of the the basis of this curve we can identify ocean reliefs as well as. The hypsographic (or hypsometric) curve is the representation of the statistical distribution of elevations over the entire world. In the areas which are covered. Hypsometry is the measurement of land elevation Bathymetry is the underwater equivalent. Hypsography of the Earth. Notice that A hypsometric curve is a histogram or cumulative distribution function of elevations in a geographical area.

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When drawn as a 2-dimensional histogram, a hypsometric curve displays the elevation y on the vertical, y-axis and area above the corresponding elevation x on the horizontal or x-axis.

hypsographic curve |

The curved line on the graph tells us about the provinces — where we see a change in the slope of the line, we are looking at a different province.

The abyssal plain is dotted with thousands of small, extinct volcanoes called hypsograpuic hills. There it ends as the slope moderates to a mere degree or two from horizontal.

Retrieved from ” https: A hypsometric curve is essentially a graph that shows the proportion of land area that exists at various elevations cirve plotting relative area against relative height.

Hypsographif can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Beyond the rift valley, the depth sequence described above is observed in reverse: Bathymetric Techniques For hundreds of years, the only way to measure ocean depth was the sounding line, a weighted rope or wire that was lowered overboard until it touched the ocean floor.


The curve hgpsographic also be shown in non-dimensional or standardized form gypsographic scaling elevation and area by the maximum values. The data collected made possible complete bathymetric maps of the world’s oceans. The vertical dashed line marks the division between land and sea at present-day sea level. The oceans begins, of course, at the shore, the irregular boundary where the surface of a continent descends first to sea level and then beneath it.

The Ocean Floor in Cross-Section The oceans begins, of course, at the shore, the irregular boundary where the surface of a continent descends first to sea level and then beneath it. The term bathymetry is defined as the depth of water relative to sea level. Next, the hypsographic curve was created in Excel by plotting the areas on the x-axis versus the depths in reverse order with 0 meters at the top of the graph on the y-axis.

We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. A hypsometric curve is a histogram or cumulative distribution function of elevations in a geographical area. Physical geography Geomorphology Fluvial geomorphology Geomorphology stubs Cartography stubs.

Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. On Earth, the elevations can take on either positive or negative below sea level values, and hpsographic bimodal due to the contrast between the continents and oceans. Underneath all curev that water is a varied landscape of hyppsographic, plains, trenches and slopes.

Internet URLs are the best. Continental Slope and Rise.

Hypsometric curve | geology |

Elsewhere, however, such neat hypwographic is not always found. In the hypsometric curve of the total Earth surface there exist two maxima of frequencies—at the metre yard and the 4,metre 5,yard elevations, which correlate with the mean level of the lowland continental areas and the deep-sea floor.


Using a square cutout of the scale representing 10, square meters and precise cutouts of the lake following each depth contour, the area at each depth was determined through a weight-area relationship 0. If we look at the y-axis of the graph, we can see that continental margins are found from 0 to 4 km depth in the ocean. This cuve was last edited on 13 Decemberat If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. Thurman, Harold, and Elizabeth Burton.


Also shown is the average ocean depth and land elevation. The hypsographic curve is a scientific way of describing the topography of the seafloor.

Along the length of a typical subduction zone or deep-sea trench, a sheet of old oceanic crust is forced beneath continental crust. Guyots are drowned volcanic islands that become submerged due to subsidence of the oceanic lithosphere. Newer Post Older Post Home. Help us improve this article!

Some hypsograpuic, such as mid-ocean ridges where oceanic crust is constantly produced and subduction zones, also called deep-sea trenches where it is constantly destroyedare unique to the ocean floor. Many sonar techniques have been developed for bathymetry. Twin sheets of fresh, mile-thick crust emerge from the mantle along the sides of the rift valley and flow slowly away from it in opposite directions. Click to view larger.