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Allodium,Interesting. There are three possibilities.1) It is not needed and can be omitted.2) It is needed and there is a mistake on the circuit. i’m sorryi dont underestand english goodi try speak to you1. can i use instrumentation Amp Amplifier Instead Of UA 2. the piezo is not work3. does any one made complete goldscan IV PI metal detector?is it stable?what about the depth?what about the operating frequency?what about.

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An obvious suggestion perhaps, but with the connection of the above technologies together and then fitted with a Minelab coil connector, we would have the benefits of using Coilteks range of discs May 27, Loops and probe are fully water proof and can be submerged.

The auto circuit wants to “tune into” the gold. I would ground balance to the hot rocks. General Prospecting Supplies Page. May 28, I finally got smart and ground balance over a hot rock. May 26, In other goldscab the 8″ coil will give greater accuracy while still achieving outstanding ranges. Personally, a manual ground balance is just fine by me.

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Switch over to the Probe to quickly locate a find in a dug hole or to probe between rocks and large stones. Much iron can be foldscan by judicious use of the DISC.

Hope the GS5 is a big hit!!! Click here to login.


May 19, Ic what many manufacturers claim PI units ARE affected by ground conditions, and so ground balancing capability if desirable for best perormance in a gold nugget detector. Detection Range Reset Threshold. The result is a high power detector that is easy and non tiring to use together with improved electronic reliability and stability.

goldquest, goldscan & ground-track circuit

The GS has variable Pulse Delay. Is there a ground tracker circuit schematic available somewhere that can be utilised on the goldscan IV design?? I would like to have your help to make my prototype and If you need some thing please contact me. Shaft mounted electronics plus 11″ search loop 3. The search loops are available in two sizes: This forum is powered by Phorum. Newer Topic Older Topic. But most of the newer PI’s don’t. He removed high voltage hum from existing audio.

Pulse Technology Goldscan 4

Salt water does not affect performance so the Ground CANcelling facility is not required. So, between the two, they have made this one of the truly great forums. Yep, you and Eric are of the same kind! There certainly is a lot of interest in improving the GQ SS technology to be less affected by really bad ground. Since the board has been slow lately, here is something to look at!

There seem to be few situations where you really need automatic ground balancing in a PI unit, and it usually sacrifices a tad on sensitivity. The bottom 9″ of the lower shaft is of rigid plastic material to avoid excessive signal levels due to the proximity of shaft and loop. May 23, I then started finding gold. The headphones plug into a jack socket on the battery box and a unique sensing circuit cuts out the speaker in the main electronics when the plug is inserted.


Ones with my Minelab SD, I was hunting an area with a lot of small hot rocks that sounds like faint deep targets.

The output indication is both visual on a toldscan and audible on speaker or phones. Before moving to Hawaii, I hunted for gold nuggets in California and Nevada. Please put it in a waterproof case TerryinHawaii Date: New low noise parts replaced older parts such as op-amp, capacitors etc. Hi Steve from what I’ve read ground balancing it can also cancel out wanted targets as well as add interferance.

It is not possible to overcharge using the chargers supplied. Bill is also quick to help anyone and provide a wealth of info also. The GOLDSCAN is designed to be both golvscan and versatile in use giving efficient detection in widely different situations both on the beach and inland. Just think the new GS5 is even better!!! For further assistance Contact: Reg is truely one of a kind.

It about as light as your typical Tesoro.