conflict between the sexes! Esther Vilar’s. The. Manipulated. Man Successfully Manipulated Male on Earth,” translated by Ursula Bender, as well as re-. Esther Vilar argues that the freedom men think they have in selecting a wife and being head of the household is actually slavery, and that. During the past weekend I came across an interesting book by Esther Vilar titled “ The Manipulated Man.” If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend.

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After reading this book it makes me nostalgic for a time when women were actually like this! It is worth reading becus it is full of funny remarks and mah penetrating comments. There are some interesting tidbits here and there women are callous, they know no pity, cold, calculated and emotionless Vilar brings to attentions some refreshing points of view regarding several one-sided arguments about the status of men and women.

It felt like a mixture of reality and propaganda being forced on me. No citations, no research, no persuasive arguments. But Vilar has no problem blithely dismissing that text as merely copying the ideas of men, manipulaged on what they wrote of women, rather than women themselves. And as he has to have a wife of some sort.

Review of: The Manipulated Man (by Esther Vilar) – Clear Language, Clear Mind

She states women are lazy, dumb, and intellectually inferior to men, considering the book is written by a woman, the book is inferior to my superior man brain Rather their research results must reflect reality. Retrieved December 20, I just didn’t like it.

Some perspectives in the book are questionable and not entirely true, however the most positive aspect of the book is how it exposes the fraudulence of the women’s liberation movement and feminism. Nope, I can’t think of a single case where her brilliant and ooohh, so daring! An eye opening book about the way men are trained and exploited by women. And what on earth is a man to do with a grown-up face when he has been manipulated into considering only helpless, appealing little girls to be creatures of beauty?


As part of this manipulation women are weak and stupid. To understand everything women don’t want to have to know. However there are elements in this book that all men should take on board and has only reinforced my anti-feminist stance.

I wasn’t looking for it or anything of it’s kind, I just stumbled across it. The general notion that ether traditions of paternalism and chivalry are in fact negative and destructive to adult relationships is also in keeping with general feminist views.

Todd Most reviewers merely “cut and paste” other peoples printed opinions, please form your own.

Vilar dismisses educated women everywhere as trained parrots, mimicking what the men have done while creating nothing of their of their own. On either end, it is estherr that she avoids it and weakens her overall argument.

Review of: The Manipulated Man (by Esther Vilar)

Rsther it was very entertaining and made me laugh out loud numerous times, to think that a woman actually lives and thinks like this is crazy! They will then buy his goods and keep his wife in pocket money. At least then I could laugh a bit more at the ridiculous things being said. Likewise, this book, in between its vitriolic hyperboles, makes some very good points about the ways women overpower men, exploiting them as beasts of burden, workhorses, and soldiers, to provide for and protect women.


The Manipulated Man

I fully agree to her on some issues, but unfortunately she tries to integrate all of it into a something akin to a conspiracy theory, which in fact means ignoring many things that don’t fit, exaggera At times interesting and sharp, at times plain funny, it comes at you with some challenging ideas.

The millions of women, including those in a relationship, who work long hours or even a second job to make ends meet don’t seem particularly in control, either. To be male is to be deficient, emotionally limited. It is up to men to see past mqn deception and emotional blackmail and subject it to open criticism before any esthwr changes can occur.

If this happens, women may find themselves reduced from their current privileged status to mere historical curiosities or museum exhibits. Maleness is a deficiency disease, and males are emotional vi,ar Valerie Maniuplatedthis book offers such gems as, “women are nothing more than conglomerations of matter, What a horrible misogynist diatribe. I could go on, but you get the picture. It is worth reading becus it gives a much needed breath of fresh air from the usual social constructivist feminism by… being social constructivism antifeminism!

If women exploit men, the roots go deeper than social conditioning. Aug 06, Netts rated it did not like it. By a trick of fate, it is always the latter, the poorest, who are exploited by the least attractive manipulzted.