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like war without death.” ― Alain Badiou, In Praise of Love. 91 likes . el nacimiento de un mundo.” ― Alain Badiou avec Nicolas Truong, Eloge de l’ amour. 4 nov. Éloge de l’amour. (English) Éloge de l’amour. Alain Badiou, Nicolas Truong L’amour est une construction de vérité. Vérité sur un point très. Eloge De L’Amour FL by Alain Badiou, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Eloge De L’Amour FL

I am elofe an advocate of theirs. For Badiou, whenever we count the dead of the Gulag or the Cultural Revolution we also have to count the dead of capitalism from colonialism to the world wars. Alain Badiou, how do you define politics?

There you are using a metaphor without the slightest demonstrative power. There, collective appropriation went as far as it could possibly have done. Let me explain my reasoning.

But for Laurent Joffrin and the dominant pro-capitalist opinion, everything is settled already, and this form of justice is criminal. Starting out from something that is simply an encounter, a trifle, you learn that you can experience the world on the basis of difference and not only in terms of identity. It is like when we are dealing with some difficult aour problem.

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What do you think badiouu the pressing task in ? It takes us into key areas of the experience of what is difference and, essentially, leads to the idea that you can experience the world from the perspective of difference. Even within the last century there was the incredible slaughter of two world wars.


But the world to which all that leads amoug totally unjust, if you consider how things ought to be: But the numbers were false, as we found out with the fall of the Berlin Wall! We need only compare West Germany and East Germany to recognise that the former was more economically successful than the latter, and notably for workers.

But that is not the ce of the matter. But communism failed in its very essence, not just in its ways and means.

We have to reinvent politics: Real love is one that triumphs lastingly, sometimes painfully, over the hurdles erected by time, space and the world. The Robespierrians wanted to continue the experiment to bring about the emergence of a “new man,” which is madness.

Alain Badiou, why set yourself up as defender of the Russian and Chinese experiences, if they were failures? It is the condition of the struggle itself. For Joffrin, this comparison is a fallacy. Even Lenin came from splits in social democracy. For you, there is no politics unless we question the private ownership of the means of production. As for the rest, I will rely on the decisions of the majority. The history of socialism, as combined with freedom, shows that we can secure considerable progress even if we keep the system of private property, which has established its efficiency on the economic plane.

In Praise of Love Quotes by Alain Badiou

Private property is a predatory system that destroys the common good. And we saw this same process everywhere. That is a fundamental point of disagreement between us. That much is clear. My experience is that when there has been some phase of crisis in social democracy, with the emergence of a more ideologised, more eolge fringe, this has always been a matrix for the resurgence of the communist hypothesis.


Éloge de l’amour

The task is to bring up to date the four fundamental principles of communist society: I do not think that that is right. For when you reduce the Cultural Revolution to this type of episode, this is the stuff of the black legend, a reactionary and ridiculous legend.

By that measure, the symbol of the French Revolution should always and forever be the drownings at Nantes.

It is necessary to win a majority. It is because no one wants it. We do not know, for there are periods of doubt, moments in history when the question of what means are necessary remains obscure. The ABC of democracy is that we do not tolerate financial and media oligarchies and the fatal distortions that inequalities based on property impose on sloge real idea of liberty.

What is the world like when it is experienced, developed and lived from the point of view of difference and not identity? This universal element I too recognize in love as immanent.