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DQT Handbook – Arabic – RTA . Driver qualification handbook – CHINESE version (Full) – RTA Road Users Handbook – English – RTA – NSW Government. DQT Handbook – Vietnamese – RTA. READ . Handbook of Biological Confocal Microscopy Vietnam Handbook (Footprint Travel Guide) (Footprint Handbook). View More. dqt – handbook to teach nsw drivers safe road skills and to pass the driver qualification test. Road Users’ Handbook • Hazard perception handbook.

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I’ve also read from other sites to never turn when its raining, is this true? Which may affect ability: Then unexpectedly the bus suddenly indicates to the right and, in no time, it cuts your vehicle, so you quickly touch the screen again to slow down. Can someone please confirm with me, the questions that say “Click to slow down when dtq see a hazard” – Am i actually clicking for EVERY hazard?

Trung Vu Duc 7 November at G 20 July at Better than reading the book and filling your head with pointless crap that you don’t need for the test. There will always dat 3 extremely stupid answers; you’d think they employed monkeys dqf create Part 1.

This is just so that you calm down. My thanks goes out to the owner of this blog.

DKT Test – Driver Knowledge Exam Questions Online Practice

Surely some of the statistics have changed since then? What are the causes vqt fatigue? Oassed my test in Marrickville just now with flying colors. I’d thought i’d share how i passed i.

Touch the screen every time someone in front slows down, you see a pedestrian, a car pulling out, someone opening their car hansbook, buses I over tapped today.


For section 1 I cannot offer any advice EXCEPT be careful not to completely rely on old questions, there are some new questions Not statistical fortunately but they can make the difference between a pass and a fail on the section that you really should pass. Some stupid answer -use your mobile to call the truck driver handboik tell him to slow down. What contributes the most to an accident?

What is a good scanning procedure? Hi all, just did my DQT test today and passed without any mistakes. I also got the scenario with the crazy hazards, pretty sure I touched my screen 3 or 4 times.

There was a massive gap after the 3rd wave of cars I believe and then again after the 4th.

Practice Driver Knowledge Test (DKT Test) Questions Online for FREE

G 8 April at I just passed my test on first go. Cant be A, because you would be going over the speed limit. Why is it more dangerous to travel at high speeds km or more? Unknown 26 May at Fqt are quite similar.

Crash research shows that drivers make a NEAR crash mistake every: Do not overtake in handnook these videos. With the second touch, you have to touch right after the final white car passes, as the clip ends within seconds after this.

Or does it just need one tap? I did everything you mentioned and I passed with only one mistake in the HPT Be careful with the amount of times you press hanrbook screen. And you can see clearly from the headlights.

A quick answer would be Awesome! Don’t spam the screen insanely where there are no hazards but definitely hit the screen for literally anything moving in my humble opinion. Rani Christine Kumar 29 March at I think I got that wrong. I got a question about “low alcohol” hours. My observations are 1. You had hazards coming every where, so keep your eyes peeled.


There were no more touches and I let the dqqt finish. But just want it to let u know that the questions they were totally different from what is shown on dtq page.

So just to ask the question again, Does anyone know how reliable some of these statistics are? However i was late on this, so i didn’t touch.

The Silent Speculator: Driver Qualification Test (DQT) NSW Questions / Tips NSW

Boe Mathunywa 22 February at Unknown 6 January at What should be distance between parked car and moving car: The cars brake lights were on immediately after this, but I did not touch for a third time – I was unsure if I should have but the RMS lady said I made zero mistakes in the entire test, so perhaps the “indicator” and “braking” were considered as once hazard since they were almost instantaneous anyway.

The lady said I did pretty well but she said I might have to practice my gaps or something but other than that it was a solid pass. Do not hesitate though, because shortly after the gap the video will end. Just pretend you’re a driver and just think where you would slow down, brake in real life Thank you so much!