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dCine Technical Manual Version Version History Version Date Updated By Purpose James Gardiner Initial Creation James. With sleek, elegant looks, reference grade audio quality and outstanding features the Datasat RS20i is the leading choice for any audio enthusiast. The Datasat. This product contains software proprietary to Datasat Digital Entertainment and protected This manual explains the RS20i Audio Processor setup and operation. Parameters. AP General identifier for Datasat audio processor product.

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Prior to relocating to the cinema floor, complete the following: To do this you need to set focus on the application you want to exit.

Bootstrap will think the software has not been installed and install the cine.

Microphone Placement Refer to Figure 2 during this description. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Select the soundcard input dxtasat the microphone is connected to. How -t O Procedures – Operations The network requires that the dCine have access to the internet in order for the VPN to datasatt. This would be a more common method for a Video out only installation with remote access only used to control the system. E Rror M Essages The theater should be empty except for the technicians and no talking or extraneous noise should occur during audio measurement.

This feature is mainly used by the Auto Scheduler to inform the projectionist of any errors that have occurred during that process. Further, due to the tendency for protocols to change over upgrades, problems are likely to occur. This real time mixing process includes taking advantage of SR encoding if found matrixed into a Stereo stream.


This helps support engineers to debug the automation system by making clear to the engineer that a message has been sent, even if a resulting action on the dCine has not occurred.

Datasat AP20 Manuals

Only have Volume level and audiochannel select buttons are shown. It also allows for the configuration of an offset to move an image in the viewable area. IcetomLTMay 5, There is also a good chance the code is missed. A list of template files are available from digitAll for common audio processors.

When this playlist is saved, it will also add to the ingest queue all the media added from a remote location that is not currently available locally.

Use an RTA to calibrate the proper level setting of the subwoofer. It also attempts to correct the distance misalignments between the woofer, mid-range, and tweeter. Projection Room connections and setup preparations Unlike traditional room EQ that is done in the projection room, the Dirac configuration takes place on the cinema floor with wireless communications to the AP Only the selected channels are enabled and will be measured and optimized.

Jan 8, Messages: These log entries can then be used to help program the dCine to react to an incoming message i. This macro will send all Trigger messages required to configure the theatre for the PreShow portion of a session. I think the silver is the more ‘special’ colour but I wanted a uniform colour for my kit as it is all on display.

The automation GUI remembers the last known state of a trigger device, e. The dCine supports cameras with the ability to send jpeg stills via http requests. This tells you how the trigger will appear on the automation button screen.

Again, this is a very important step as it protects against viruses that can travel via RPC etc. The type option allows you to set the type of device the dCine will be communicating with. Please see the operational manual for more information.


Datasat AP20 Manuals & User Guides

This named trigger is still accessible from the automation programming interface and will show up in the full trigger list. The Media and Operations log files can be turned off but typically should not be.

You are now connected directly with the AP20, and the AP20 menu should now be visible on the laptop screen. Support engineers use this option to set which of the serial ports is to be monitored for string patterns and to configure the attributes for that serial port.

Datasat AP20 Manuals and User Guides, Sound Card Manuals —

The Datasat LS10 represents a breakthrough in audio processor technology. This configuration should typically work when monitoring data coming from an external device.

Master Volume can be controlled by automation; however the original purpose of the Master Volume option was for digital signage type applications where the player acted as the audio processor. Then click on a point on the red plot and drag it to a new location.

This includes how all critical aspects of the player are configured. Start with a low playback level on the amplifier to avoid speaker damage.

Check USB Preamp gain levels.

Ideal for high quality home theatre installations as well as 2 channel audiophile music systems the sound reproduction is refined and pure.