Cost of Capital, + Website: Applications and Examples (Wiley Finance) [Shannon P. Pratt, Roger J. Grabowski, Richard A. Brealey] on *FREE*. In this long–awaited Third Edition of Cost of Capital: Applications and Examples, renowned valuation experts and authors Shannon Pratt and Roger Grabowski. Cost of Capital: Applications and Examples (Wiley Finance) eBook: Shannon P. Pratt, Roger J. Grabowski, Richard A. Brealey: : Kindle Store.

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Asa finance professor for many years, I know from experience thatstudents and teachers really value supplements to textbooks.

Itallows the teacher to help the student to review and apply what waspresented in the text, and the PowerPoints are a great service toteachers in course preparation. The website provides variousworksheets grabwoski show the inner workings of the models. Um Ihnen ein besseres Nutzererlebnis zu bieten, verwenden wir Cookies.

Sie sind bereits eingeloggt. Klicken Sie auf 2. Ienthusiastically recommend the Workbook and TechnicalSupplement to finance professors and teachers and theirstudents.

Cost of Capital (eBook, PDF) von Shannon P. Pratt; Roger J. Grabowski – Portofrei bei

This supplement is threebooks in one. Part One is a step-by-step tutorial on estimatingcertain key components of the cost of equity capital. Pfatt Twoprovides a bridge between the theory and some practicalapplications, such as estimating the cost of capital for realproperty.

Parts Three and Four allow the readers to test theircomprehension of the concepts and identify areas for a review. Itis almost as good as having Professors Pratt and Grabowski lookingover your shoulder to ensure that one is both comprehending andcorrectly implementing the complex concepts. Pratt andGrabowski have created a very accessible and lucid treatment ofwhat most would consider an opaque subject.


The FourthEdition is especially important for its new topics grabowki well asexpanded coverage of concepts from earlier editions. Of particularinterest is the review of the extreme market conditions during the crisis and the effect that the unprecedentedvolatility had on traditional cost of capital models.

For years,Pratt and Grabowski’s research has informed the business valuationcurriculum of the American Society of Appraisers. This book will beadded to our reading list, and thousands of students worldwide willbenefit from the state?

Furthermore, Cost of Capital, Fourth Edition shouldbe a mandatory part of every valuation practitioner’s library. Ifyou buy this book, you can expect it to become well worn and remainon your desk grabowsk arm’s length until the publication of theFifth Edition. With so many additional considerations regarding each variable ofthe cost of capital formula, this book is a must for anyone thatneeds to understand or develop a discount rate.

Even the mostexperienced practitioner will benefit from the outstanding work ofPratt and Grabowski.

Cost of Capital: Applications and Examples, + Website, 5th Edition

This book has to become part of yourlibrary. He is cosy managing owner of Shannon Pratt Valuations Portland, Oregon, and has served as supervisory analyst for over 3, business valuation engagements in forty years and as an expert witness in numerous state and federal courts on contested business valuations.


Roger has testified in court as an expert witness on the value of closely held businesses and business interests, matters graboqski solvency, valuation, and amortization of intangible assets, and grabowxki valuation issues. He testified in the Northern Trust case, the first U. Tax Court decision that adopted the discounted cash flow method to value the stock of a closely held business with the discount rate based on the capital asset pricing model.

Applications and Examples, 4th ed.

Equity Cash Flow Method. Capital Cash Flow Method. Adjusted Present Value Method. Interpreting Regression Statistics Supplement to Chapter Evaluating Beta Estimation Output.

Computing Downside Beta Estimates. Capital Asset Pricing Model and Beta. Iterative Process with Changing Praatt Structure. The Private Investment Company. Relationships between Time to a Liquidity Event and Value. Lack of Marketability or Illiquidity. Typical Structure of a Real Estate Transaction.

Discounted Cash Flow Method. Estimating the Property Discount Rate. Cost of Capital of Real Estate Entities.

Definition of a Real Estate Entity. Valuation of Real Estate Entities. Valuing Real Estate Entities. Learning Objectives, Questions, and Problems.