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Cebora Pocket Turbo Mig Torch Nozzle / Shroud. This torch nozzle is also fitted to the Snap-On and the Snap-On | eBay!. Cebora Pocket Turbo , Snap On / Pocket Turbo MIG Welding Nozzle Shroud x 1. | eBay!. Art. Cebora. The PLASMA SOUND PC /T three-phase power source for plasma cutting of metals represents the upward evolution of the /T.

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Log in or Sign up. NeilythereMay 23, Does anybody out there own the above equipment?. Power needs to be 1 minimum on 0. NeilythereMay 24, Many thanks, i’ll let you know how i get on. The torch is awful to use cfbora I converted mine to use Eurotorch. I’ve managed to full seam weld 0.

Cebora / Snap On / Pocket Turbo MIG Welding Nozzle Shroud | eBay

cbeora Crinkly DaveAug 27, Crinkly Dave Member Messages: All downhand and in good vision etc. First few “stitches” were great, then the thing tended to blow the wire back to the tip.

Tried a variety of speeds and current from the original “MIN 2” that worked so well. Almost as though the earth had failed, or wire speed down to zero or even gas gone off. Tried without welding, and there seemed to be a delay between the trigger kicking in the gas, and the wire speed starting.

One perhaps red herring was that I was using a large spool of wire, that may have got slack, and trapped wire in between coils, as it jammed, but when I stopped and restarted the wire fed OK. Is the trigger mechanism on the guns suspect? Need to sort it before I do the other side!!


Cebora clone The earthing clamp that came with this Cebora clone had softened so that the spring doesn’t grip – I replaced that with a A rated clamp from eBay that sorted out earthing problems. A replacement torch retails almost as much as a Euro torch! I find the torch trigger awful to use – mine was so worn I had to press the trigger very hard to switch it. I think this is part of a design fault where the switch also incoporates the gas valve although such a simpe design shouldn’t work so temperamentally.

I never noticed any slight delay between pressing button, getting wire feed and getting shielding gas out, although on my other MIG there’s about a 0. I suppose cwbora ensures that the first arc, and the initial weld pool, is well shielded.

Cebora 130 problem

Ever since my convertion to Euro torch the machine has worked great. Crinkly DaveSep 1, Thanks everyone for their help.

Welded the other side today, and made a right mess. Called in a professional welder, who immediately identified probable cause as 1 shorted out gas shield so end of torch was getting live and shorting against weld metal if I touched it 2 large spool instead of original mini one, loosely “random wound” instead of “precision wound” so that effort to pull wire from drum was varying. A quick clean, and welder ceboga ok but better when he used it.


Off for a replacement shield, and perhaps a new spool of welding wire, and look at a Eurotorch conversion. Mind you, may be 5 years before I use it again. GasmanCbora 1, With respect a Euro Torch conversion could be an expensive addition with little or no advantage.

The “Euro” part simply refers to the type of connection to the machine and not the actual torch.

Crinkly DaveSep 7, Have now got replacement shroud from small local supplier, rather than BOC. Just have to screw up courage to drive out the spacer which goes between the torch and shroud, which may be crimped in. Anyone any thoughts on a reasonably priced automatic self-darkening helmet? I’ve just ordered one of these auto-dark face sheilds.

CEBORA – Welding & Cutting

Oh that’s not so bad then I don’t know where they dream up these ‘list prices’ though Just had a look at the Lawson site. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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