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Spire Law Group Seeking Return of $43 Trillion to the United States Treasury. Piggybankblog posted on 10/25/12 Cross linked with. Case cvJBW-RML Document 36 Filed 10/25/12 Page 24 of PageID #: regulators including the Obama Administration not. Case number, cvJBW-RML They said in the NY press she slashed her throat, but that’s not what the wound description was.

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Each Plaintiff justifiably and reasonably relied on the fraudulent concealment created by these Defendants in their suppression and concealment of the material facts described above. The Defendants intentionally misrepresented to the Plaintiffs and to the consuming public in general their intentions regarding the reasonableness and appropriateness of their underwriting procedures in making mortgage loans to the Plaintiffs, and also materially misrepresented to the consuming public that they were not making quality loans when they told the consuming public that they were only making quality, prime home loans.

ByCountrywide was the largest U.

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There is no worth or value to a patent application requesting approval of a system for transferring and laundering money and private information, yet these patent applications supported written contracts in the hundreds of millions of dollars approving the payment of billions no.12-cv-042269-jbw-rml dollars amongst the various Defendants and each of them. Venue is proper in this judicial district under 18 U. To make matters worse, the Defendants established their concealment network now alleged entity-by-entity in this complaint, and this network has made it impossible to track the negotiation techniques and rights to possession of promissory notes, which are not publicly recordable.

However, its predatory lending practices caused it to fail.

What Caused Financial Crisis Youtubes These Defendants willfully committed the wrongdoing against each Plaintiff as described herein and knowingly chose to deceive him in the above-described manner. However, Wachovia began to fail due to its lending practices, including those described herein. Plaintiffs are therefore entitled to punitive damages.

In the mad rush to convert home mortgages into securities to be bought and sold on Wall Street, investors did not want to no.12-cv-04269-jbw-dml the time or money necessary to keep track of ownership by filing papers in local recording offices. This District Court Complaint — maintained by Spire Law Group, LLP — is the only lawsuit in the world listing as Defendants the Banksters, let alone serving all of such Banksters with legal process and therefore forcing them to finally answer the charges in court.


Anonymous 27 October at The effect of the collapse of the foregoing money laundering and racketeering schemes, is a matter of public record and a fact of which this court can take judicial notice including the recent Senate Report on the money laundering and drug cartel activities no.12-cv-04269-jbw-dml HSBC and resulting admission by Defendant Holder in his official capacity that such cade money laundering activities has spread to all banking institutions in the United States, including at least 1, Defendants in this case e.

Do you see that they will use the collapse to eradicate any evidence?

Case No. cvJBW-RML —

The Defendants Through the wrongful conduct set forth in this complaint, the Defendants — and each of no.12-cv-04269-ibw-rml — converted all of said funds and have continued the hiding and secreting of these funds from the period beginning on or about January 22, and continuing at all times thereafter. Caase Defendant is a member of the Bankster Enterprise and hence each conspired no.12-cv-04296-jbw-rml perpetrate the illegal scheme.

Specifically, they no.12–cv-04269-jbw-rml continued to no.12-cv-04269–jbw-rml mortgage notes into pools for purposes of selling them as so-called mortgage-backed securities, thereby forever severing the promissory notes from the mortgages that secure them. Thus, the original lender was paid when it sold the promissory note executed by the borrower, and the MBS pool was also paid in full by virtue of the CDS payments received.

As defaults on these poorly underwritten loans increased, Defendants used the opportunity presented by the rising number of defaults to increase their fees and further convert other funds from Plaintiffs and other borrowers. Each Plaintiff is further entitled to restitution of those amounts wrongfully converted from him or her.

The suppressed facts and circumstances described herein should have been disclosed to the Plaintiffs by the Defendants because such facts and circumstances were material in that they were essential to the analysis that should and could have been undertaken by each Plaintiff in determining whether to enter into a loan Case 1: As described herein, those representations were false.

Defendants failed to disclose this material information to the Defendants, or omitted critical elements from the disclosures that were made.

These Defendants have knowingly conspired and assisted in each and every violation of law and the ponzi, RICO and money laundering schemes set forth herein could not have occurred without them These Defendants are collectively referred to no.12-cv-04269-jbw-rmk as “New York Loan Pools.

The allegations in the foregoing paragraphs are repeated and no.12-cv-04269-jbw-eml as if fully set forth herein. The patent applications make undisputed the bad-intentions of the Defendants, because they lay out the money laundering and ponzi schemes with specificity prior to the first dollar being unlawfully taken from any of the Plaintiffs or American citizens. The financial condition of the various Defendants was not sound, but rather was a house of cards ready to collapse. These acts, including use of fraudulently conveyed and transferred money constitutes repeated and related predicate acts of.


Further, those Defendants that did not actively perform the acts or omissions described in this Complaint did affirmatively aid and abet the other Defendants in the performance of such acts of no.12-fv-04269-jbw-rml, before, during or after the fact.

Case 1:12-cv-04269-JBW-RML

The Defendants did not care, because their plan was based on insider trading — pumping for as long as they could and then dumping before the truth came out and the theft and conversion of money and assets from Plaintiffs as well as the general public were locked in. Capital Eye Opener, Jan. This Court should enjoin any further activity under the Dodd-Frank Legislation, until the Court-Appointed-Receiver requested herein has issued appropriate reports to this Court on same.

We all thought that it had them by the ole cajones too, but the suit got vaporized and no one has heard from the attorneys in charge. This Defendant is fully subject to jurisdiction in this action pursuant to applicable law. Defendants achieved this no.12-cf-04269-jbw-rml asking each Plaintiff applying for a loan modification to submit the proper application and paperwork. The Havens for the money laundering schemes – and certain of the names and places no.12-cv-04269-jbw-rl these entities – are located in such venues as Switzerland, the Isle of Man, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Cypress and entities controlled by governments adverse to the interests of the United States Sanctions and Embargo Act against Iran, and are also identified in both the United Nations and the U.

However, their reliance was casr. This Defendant is fully subject to jurisdiction in this action Case 1: Find out more about this here.

These Defendants willfully committed the wrongdoing against each Plaintiff as described herein and knowingly chose to deceive him in the above-described no.12cv-04269-jbw-rml. Defendants had no right to these funds and engaged in money laundering both domestically and internationally in order to hide the theft, larceny and conversion set forth herein.