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IKEA – FICUS MICROCARPA GINSENG, Plant with pot. Ficus Microcarpa Ficus Ginseng Ficus Benjamina Bonsai Pflege Ficus Microcarpa Ginseng Ingrijire. On May 3, By. ficus microcarpa ficus ginseng ficus. FICUS MICROCARPA GINSENG Plant with pot, bonsai, assorted colors. This plant is sensitive to temperature changes, which may cause the leaves to fall off. Place in a light area, out of direct sunlight.

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But what is considered a classic Bonsai pot is that it is made of ceramic or porcelain, and that it is stoneware burned, which means that it absorbs and holds no water in the material. It does not become a Bonsai until these two are combined and form a harmony together.

Dornenulme Pfleye davidii Chin. Remember that there is not only one fitting choice of pot for your tree. Feminine pots often have soft lines, delicate feet and are relatively low and sleek. Scheinquitte Chaenomelis sinensis Chin. Plant Finder Pot Finder Links www. A large part of the art of Bonsai is the experience of a tree that has become detached from its ground and now lives in a pot. There is also the possibility that you can make your own pot?


Bonsai Ficus Ginseng Pflegehinweise – Best Bonsai

Scheinkamelie Stewartia pseudocamellia Jap. Observe what choices others have done for their pot, discuss with others.

Personally, I think it is an interesting combination. The curved sides picks pfkege the gently curved trunk and gives the composition a more feminine charisma.

The choice of pot reflects all this. Esche Fraxinus chinensis Chin.

Kleine Bäumchen

fius Or, visit your local Bonsai nurseryfairs and Bonsai events where often potters are trading. Ulme Ulmus japonica Jap. But one can also find a tone of the leaves that will fit, or select an anonymous color like light brown or unglazed. They provide balance and refreshes the composition.

Graduated from Schillerska art school in Bonsai pots Choosing a Bonsai pot to suit your tree. Hainbuche Carpinus bonsaj Kor. Scheinmyrthe Cuphea hyssopifolia Jap.

Here we have gone all the way and removed the male lip of the pot. There is honsai other option then an oval pot for this composition. Tree species Find species-specific information on your tree.

12 best &FICUS GINSENG images on Pinterest | Ficus ginseng bonsai, Rubber tree and Ficus microcarpa

Storaxbaum Styrax japonicus Jap. Ulme Ulmus parvifolia Chin. When you think that your tree is ready, there are several ways to find a pot. Became apprentice to ceramist Paula Ficys, a Japanese raku technique pioneering Sweden, in This is a textbook example of the perfect combination of pot and tree. But the example clearly shows that there is more feminity in the tree then what first meets the eye.


The choice has also fallen on to a yellow pot that picks up and amplifies the red leaves of autumn containing yellow. Wacholder Juniperus chinensis Chin. Azalee Osakazuki Rhododendron indicum Osakazuki Jap.

So here are some basic rules and guidance for you to stick on to. Then it is easiest to choose a color that reflects the bark, such as this gray.

Pflege Ficus Ginseng Einzigartig Bonsai Figowiec Tępy Bonsai Ficus Microcarpa D Ficus Retusa

Either in the bark, the color of the leaves, and fruit or flowers. Stechpalme Ilex crenata Convexa Jap. But if you are experienced and know what to look for, there are many auction sites and groups in social media where pots change owners.