In Brief. Francesca DeVega is a healer in the city of Avel, composing magical sentences that close wounds and disspell curses, but her life is thrown into chaos . Spellbound. The Spellwright Trilogy (Volume 2) Blake Charlton Tor/Forge. The exciting sequel to the acclaimed epic fantasy debut Spellwright by Blake Charlton . AUTHOR INFORMATION: Blake Charlton overcame severe dyslexia in seventh grade when he began sneaking fantasy and science fiction.

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Again, not predictable, since I completely miscalculated this characters role in the story. One of the elements that made me fall in love with Spellwright is Charlton’s magic system. Spellbound The Spellwright Trilogy Author s: There was a problem adding your email address. Francesca DeVega is a healer in the city of Avel, composing magical sentences that close wounds and disspell curses. That SO would not happen!

However, it didn’t matter, because anything important charpton the previous book was mentioned when it was relevant to the storyline. Previous Post Next Post. Nicodemus is by no means absent from this novel, he just isn’t the main focus of it, as he was in Charlton’s debut.

And, now, I have made this sound like a terrible book, and it wasn’t.

Are they just gone? So, in case you haven’t read Spellbound yet, I would encourage you not to read my ranting ;-p I finally finished blske Spellbound!

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Zelf een adempauze inlassen is bla,e lastig, want de woorden blijven komen. From here, Blake worked at numerous jobs—English teacher, biomedical technical writer, learning-disability tutor, etc. Although Spellbound is a middle book, it doesn’t feel like a middle book, because the action is suspenseful and the plot is good. Charlton chooses to go with a whole new perspective in this book, that of physician Francesca De Vega.


Nicodemus has become almost like a man raised by wolves during the ten years away from civilization—nomadic, untrusting and a bit of a loner. But I’m not 14 anymore and maybe I just need to stop being a dork and learn to live like a real boy.

Wil je de gehele recensie lezen? Needless to say, having loved Spellwright so much, I couldn’t wait for Spellbound.


It’s possible that readers who don’t remember what happened in Spellwright may feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information, but I wasn’t overwhelmed. It just halts you sellbound the flow of the spellound, but this is just something minor that I notice quickly on whatever text I read.

For almost the first one hundred pages, the sequel is nearly nonstop excitement and engrossing mystery. It was an absolutely delightful read and I was sad to close the pages on the Six Human Kingdoms once more.

SPELLBOUND by Blake Charlton | Kirkus Reviews

So in all, a very cool fun prose. The Savanna Walker is an even more tragic case. These two amazing books are just proof that Charlton deserves to be listed as one of the top fantasy writers for Some readers may not consider a true series in that sense, but I didn’t miss Nicodemous; Fran is too much fun. Nov 28, Tyson rated it it was amazing Shelves: She discovers that she is doomed to murder someone she loves, soon, but not who.


Het doorsnijden of juist laten hangen van de verkeerde draad kan zijn einde betekenen, en chrlton wel dat van al het gewone leven… Vertrouwde wereld, veel spanning In Spellbounv Taal der Spreuken is de wereld waar Nicodemus in leeft, uitgebreid besproken.

As someo Wonderful book to read, I really loved this one. Here’s a bit of information about Nicodemus and Francesca: Much of Charlton can be glimpsed through both protagonists and this makes the story all the stronger, because the reader knows it is authentic. Spellbound is an improvement over Spellwright. By focusing on Avelthe author is able to accomplish more charltn what little world-building is present.

Spellbound is an improvement over Spellwright. Nico and Francesca don’t know it yet, but they are going to have to fit together the pieces of an age-old puzzle and discover the demon’s darkest secret…. I have never ever seen language so intricately portrayed as magic, and as a lover of many quite worldly languages and some quite otherworldlyit is one I blqke a lot.

Both are equally deserving up and comers in the genre from what I’ve r Well what can I say. Though, I don’t think any film budget would be large enough to ensure such a scene would be handled well, heh.