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Anton Szandor LaVey – Biblia Szatana. 9 likes. Book. 2 Called “The Black Pope” by many of his followers, Anton LaVey began the .. Lavey Anton Szandor – Biblia Szatana wyświetleń,67 stron. Anton Szandor LaVey, zalozyciel Kosciola Szatana w San Francisco, znany najbardziej ze swojej kontrowersyjnej ksiazki Biblia Szatana, jednak to Szatanska.

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The essential take home message: You may ask what is a Christian doing reviewing a Satanic Bible, moreover giving it two stars? If a man kills my entire family, I will want him punished to the fullest extent of the law, but not killed either by my own hand or by that of the authorities. Throughout the book the theme is do whatever you want, try not to harm others, but if they harm you or prevent you from doing what you want then harm them. Occultists who refuse the “fluffy bunny” approach tend to appreciate the left-hand path to a certain extent, even if they don’t follow it themselves.

At least the Bible has some poignancy to its poeticism. Being a LaVeyan Satanist is like being a pissed off hippie with no weed to mellow her out.

One point to Mr. Except for the final sections about the Ceremonies this book as I said is basically about a “look out for number one” way of life. For someone advocating for people to be less holier-than-thou, you sure are self-righteous. Books by Anton Szandor LaVey. More flash than substance.

I really didn’t need to hear LaVey’s reflections on life topics though, I just needed to live life a little bit. And there may be some truth there, to be honest.

I read this book out of interest. But underneath all the pomp and circumstance, if you strip away the theatrics, remove any religious undertones, you’re basically left with the selfish ramblings of a wanna-be philosopher.

It’s probably at yours too. Doesn’t this, in fact, fail to distinguish between pseudo and genuine altruism? I can still smell the faux poetry and mascara from here. He bashes mystical traditions but replaces it with occultist, cultish, “magical” practises.

High Priest of the Church of Satan as well as a oavey, occultist, musician, and actor.

If you’re looking to this book to enrich your perspective on Satanism, I almost want szatzna say don’t bother. Publicized so that others are morally informed agents. While this is probably true, if you’re sceptical about the existence of any occult powers then why bother with all the occult imagery? Refresh and try again.


Biblia Szatana by Anton Szandor LaVey (2 star ratings)

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. This is one reason why ethicist Russ Shafer-Landau has pointed out the Ethical Egoism seems to imply that we should discriminate against people. Corny Marilyn Manson shit.

As a seeker of knowledge, this is an interesting read and many so called religious people could benefit reading this to truly understand what true satanism entitles. In regard to the latter, an assessment of the intellectual weaknesses of this philosophy won’t remove the hurt or pain they’ve been through, but hopefully an understanding that the kind of Christianity spoken of by LaVey is not genuine Christianity can remove bihlia of the hatred they feel toward it due to the immoral actions performed by its claimed representatives.

In fact, the whole of this section can be reduced to the immediately dzatana sentence.

Ron Hubbard and a Jack Chick tract in terms of worth. Before LaVey, Satanism was theistic and used Lucifer as a replacement of God, worshiping him as the embodiment of evil, again, another idealization that humans cannot achieve. Even if you’re well aware that Black Masses of the sort depicted in folklore for thousands of years never actually happened, you’ll need to create a small-scale rendition of such in order to unlock the powers trapped in your subconscious.

Can’t one deny the existence of God, decry the anal-retentive moralizing of the Religious Right, and embrace one’s own carnal indulgences in a far more prosocial way?

Karla LaVey

What I really took away from reading this was respect for this odd work of consistent, yet probably unintentional irony. This text is a double edged sword for me, the belittling of any other religion and those with mental illness being weak really upsets me. Skip it, go read Bbiblia. That’s really my biggest issue with Satanism, not so much that’s it’s “evil” I don’t believe it is or anything like that, but it’s just an excuse to be a selfish asshole and justify it by using a pseudo-religion-philosophy.

Not many, I’d wager.

Needlessly blunt, socially irresponsible, poorly written. I’m still glad I read the book though, I know what it’s all about and understand it at least. Despite what this section’s preamble says, this “small, slim diatribe” szataha to Christianity not because the laveh system tries to regulate impulses, but on the grounds that it promotes weakness instead of forcing the “masses” to succumb to the will of their conquerors. The material is something that could be conceived by any person with the slightest xzatana of sardonic lavry who is upset by the hypocrisy of his neighbors.


Published by FOX first published Before my Christian friends freak out about this one, they should know that “Satanism” is not the same as “Satan Worship”, and that the former is actually an atheistic philosophy albeit a very theatrical and confrontational oneas opposed to the latter which is a religion.

And, the argument from side effects does not imply ethical egoism. Are any other stories told here even close to the actual events as described? If you don’t believe Satan even exists then why call yourselves ‘Satanists’?

It’s ibblia that a publisher talked him into writing this to cash in on the popularity of Satan at the bibila, brought on szataja the success of “Rosemary’s Baby. Starts off as an interesting philosophical point of view about how mankind should indulge in the seven deadly sins and grow individually, etc. The philosophy is actually quite okay, it is not that different from general atheism but more accepting towards the nature of human itself; the good and bad.

Does a gnostic need a recipe book for baroque ceremonies? It was a mistake because it allowed for such a wealth of misinterpretation and “scaring off” to the point where its true meaning becomes so stereotyped and feared that it is ignored and demonized entirely.

I shouldn’t have to tell you how appallingly sexist and disgusting it is. We learn that the highest holiday in the Satanic Church is one’s own birthday and I’ll be honest, the recommended birthday celebration does sound gratifyingthat “love is a very selfish thing,” and that you, as a Satanist, are “the highest embodiment of human life.