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Uniden Bearcat xlt Scanner Manual. Document for Uniden Bearcat xlt Scanner Manual is available in various format such as PDF, DOC. [PDF] [EPUB] Bearcat Xlt Scanner Manual [PDF]. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online. Scanner Manual PDF or Read Uniden Bearcat Xlt Scanner Manual PDF on The Most Popular. Online PDFLAB. Only Register an Account.

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The scanner opens a dialog ‘ Storing Location ‘ to store your current location or ‘ Location Exists ‘, Accept? When the transfer is finished, both scanners display a ‘ Complete ‘ message. Off – the scanner will not alert. At ‘ Select Comm Port ‘ scroll to the port the Master scanner is using.

With this feature Onbeaecat the scanner detects a Close Call signal while scanning, the scanner overrides the current audio with the Close Call hit. If you have programmed data for a Point of Interest, Dangerous Crossing, mznual a Dangerous Road, you can review the type, range setting, and location information for each location.

Scroll to Auto56.

Yes – the 800lxt treats all received ID’s as unique ID’s. The default setting is ‘ Auto ‘. The scanner’s memory is organized in an architecture called Dynamic Allocated Channel memory. Therefore, if someone hit their emergency button and their radio was 080xlt talk group 16, all communications would switch to talk group Duplicate Frequency Alert – alerts you if you try to enter a duplicate name or frequency already stored in the scanner.


There is no step selection for programmed channels because the scanners will automatically accept any step size. If you travel in a Northeast direction and do not travel either side of a northeast line by up beearcat 22 degrees, the alert system will function. To turn the attenuator on or off for each custom or service search press then press 7 Att. This setting has no effect in ‘Close Call Only’ mode.

The scanner moves to the next site after the hold time expires, any current transmission ends, and the channel delay time expires. Scroll to monitor a Tone-Out channel If no programmed location is displayed ‘ OFF ‘ in the displayyou will only be able to toggle ‘Data Display’ and the current ‘Location Display’.

To exit CC only p ress Scan. Conventional systems operate similarly, but all unlocked channels are scanned at least one time regardless of the hold time setting. Trunking systems let a large group of 2-way radio users or even different groups of 2-way radio users efficiently use a set of frequencies.

Press to toggle the lockout status of a channel in Scan Mode.

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Just go to the Database here on RR and look up your area, hopefully you will find something that is not trunked or digital. Scroll to ‘ Rvw ID: I-calls or private calls are transmissions made from one radio user to another radio user and not heard by everyone else in the trunking system. At ‘ Set Tone ‘ scroll to: Reviewing Locked out Frequencies. You can set up to 10 settings transmit frequency, tone frequencies then select one for standby monitoring. Note there are two antenna jacks in the rear.


These range distances are also automatic and fixed. When the scanner reaches the maximum number of hits you set, it stops the auto-store operation. They should market a ‘FTO’ only scanner if that’s the way it’s going to work. Fire Tone-Out Standby – lets you set the scanner to alert you if a two-tone sequential page is transmitted.

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The ‘ Custom Screen ‘ for Close Call is a plus if you live in a ‘noisy’ area allowing you to program specific ranges the scanner will ignore. To start a ‘Quick Search’ at the current frequency turn the scroll control then press Hold.

All trunked systems need at least one site to enter trunking frequencies. Both sites list the latitude, longitude, and height of the antenna, and both sites can map the exact location for you.

Radio Reference is more user-friendly, so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. The default setting is ignore. Active IDs will appear in the display.

Press to enter a decimal point for a frequency while programming.