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Avengers in Lankhmar (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure) [Ray Vallese, Fred Fields] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Slayers of Lankhmar · Lankhmar: City of Adventure (2nd Edition) · Rogues in Lankhmar · Avengers in Lankhmar · Cutthroats of Lankhmar. You are here: A Fritz Leiber Wiki & RPG Guide to Nehwon» Fritz Leiber’s Oeuvre » Fiction» Adaptations» Role-playing Games» Dungeons.

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The map shows the area of Lankhmar where the module takes place, twice – one map for the DM and one for the players they are meant to be cut apart.

In Avengers in Lankhmarthe player characters, and three competitor teams of non-player characterssearch Lankhmar for the fugitive assassin Elad Edals, working with a timeline of events cross-referenced against street maps. The Night of the Wolf. Community, content, contests, PbF gaming, GM advice, reviews, avengeers.

RPG Guide to Nehwon [Scrolls of Lankhmar]

The Good New Days. People of Nehwon – F. The Death of Princes. The Foxholes of Mars. Four Ghosts in Hamlet. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: The Childhood and Youth of the Gray Mouser.


The Lankhmar setting has its origins in a series of short stories penned by the late, great Frizt Leiber between and The Eyes of Goromosh. Intelligent, cunning, sly, and brutal, he may be the most diabolical murderer in Lankhmar’s criminal history.

Are you looking jn new thrills for your City of Lankhmar campaign? Who is the mysterious kn, and what motive does he have other than material gains? Black has its Charms. For players it’s a refreshingly open scenario that is great fun to explore.

Mysterious Avengere in the Metropolitan Museum. Upon beginning the second scenario, The Web of Mogthe characters return from the Sinking Lands to their favorite location, the Silver Eel, where their drink is drugged and their treasure stolen.

The Good New Days. The Number of the Beast. Despite the harrowing danger, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser are interested-especially when the Snow King’s daughters make an appearance Go to our Sales Site. City of Adventure 2nd Edition.

Swords Against Editions by Fantasy Heartbreaker. I’m Looking for Jeff. The Death of Princes. Friends of the Scrolls. Midnight in the Mirror World.


Diary in the Snow. During the first scenario, The Secret of Urgaan of Angarngithe party acquires a treasure map and eventually sets out on an expedition to recover the forgotten treasure.

RPG Guide to Nehwon

Newhon’s already-sparse magic is being leached from the land itself. Please select a support frequency.

Quest Bird’s Nehwon Campaign. People of Nehwon – M. People of Nehwon – B. The Price of Pain-Ease. People of Nehwon – W.

Avengers in Lankhmar [Scrolls of Lankhmar]

The Moon is Green. People of Nehwon – Q. A Bit of the Dark World. The Patrons of Lankhmar.

The Goggles of Dr. The Cloud of Hate. The Great San Francisco Glacier. The Creature From Cleveland Depths. A Defense of Werewolves. People of Nehwon – R. A Hitch in Space. Bauer and the Atoms. They are the two greatest heroes the world has ever known: Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. Richmond, Late September,