Magical Thinking, Augusten Burroughs’s collection of true stories, is outrageous, hilarious and a touching tribute to his partner, says Kim Bunce. A psychological term, “magical thinking” describes the belief that one exerts more influence over events than one actually does. Burroughs. John Leland reviews book Magical Thinking: True Stories by Augusten Burroughs (M).

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It takes no leap of imagination to know that in our home, there would be magicak Sony Playstation in every room. I also believe i’m destined to have a gay son just like him, because I adore the character description of him thknking a flaming little boy fascinated by broadway, practiced monologues, and famous transexuals. Trivia About Magical Thinking The first, an account of his nightmarish childhood drunk father, crazy mother, adopted by his mother’s therapistintroduced us to this quirky voice, which will tell us anything.


However, and this is worth noting, this book is very mean. Here is an magcial that depicts his wit, but also his honesty about his life experiences that have shaped him.

Too much of me is toxic. The book tour for A Wolf at the Table, spanned some six months and four countries, as Augusten performed for the largest crowds of his career.

As I read about Burroughs’ experiences dating an undertaker, getting blowjobs by priests and dealing with a psychotic housekeeper, I kept bursting out laughing.

It’s a weird feeling and I won’t call it coincidence either because it’s just happened too many times to say that it’s not magical. One of the things that gets under my skin is the way he approaches his homosexuality. Another bunch of vulgar and lewd sob stories by a man with a severe case of exaggeration and trying to pass off fabrication as fact. The execution of a rodent carried out with military precision and utter horror.


In addition, Burroughs mzgical regularly at colleges and universities on topics ranging from alcoholism and sexual abuse to the art of authoring one’s own life thin,ing humor as serious medicine. I briefly considered asking her for her number before I asked her for her name. He has also headlined for the most prestigious literary festivals in the world, most recently the Melbourne writer’s Festival, where he and Germaine Greer delivered the keynote addresses on opening night.

Review: Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs | Books | The Guardian

He is what he is. While critics continue to challenge the veracity of Burroughs’s zugusten, questioning everything from his alcoholism and advertising career to his earliest childhood memories, the author remains nonplussed, even philosophical.

Just 10 years ago, this was unheard of. The truth is, truth doesn’t matter. Jul 18, Erica rated it really liked it.

Bueroughs outlining or consciously structuring the book, Burroughs wrote, “as fast as I could type, to keep up. Burroughs views his life through a lens of self-deprecation, and the result is pieces like “My Last First Date,” describing the first time he met his current boyfriend.

Burroughs is not Sedaris.

The trick is to know that it will and not worry things to death. There are thoughts about almost anything that may have crossed your mind, but that you were afraid to articulate.


This book is funny. The first 5 essays feel like he’s just trying to fill space in the book with nonsense “what if” stories that are obviously all taking place in his head. He reminds me of guys I know who make up obviously bullshit stories made more annoying by the obvious fact they expect you are impressed by it I’m not.

The government called and said we can’t afford David Sedaris anymore. So I really have no wisdom to impart. If a bully so much as touched him at school, my kid would be armed with a stun gune the next day. As I read about Burroughs’ experiences dating an undertaker, getting blowjobs by priests and dealing with a psychotic hous I really love this book.

Apr 18, Julie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I think this one is the last one for me, thanks. This boss of his was also a Creative Director of mine at a different ad ag In the past, I have only listed books on Goodreads that I have enjoyed and would recommend.

Then I read the sequel Dry and thought it was okay.