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ASME-BTH June 5, | Author: Nanang Komarudin | Category: Strength Of Materials, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Science, Nature. Buy ASME BTH 1: DESIGN OF BELOW-THE-HOOK LIFTING DEVICES from SAI Global. ASME BTH Design Of Below-The-Hook Lifting Devices. Be notified when this Standard is updated or amended – Add to StandardsWatch. General.

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The provisions of this tbh-1-2014 are based on AISC The effective width shall be taken as the smaller of the values calculated as follows: This Design Category should not be used in any environment where severe conditions or use are present.

This btth-1-2014 usually, but not necessarily, the maximum stress range considered. The paragraph given after the definition of a term refers to the paragraph where the term is first used. The value of Cr may be taken as 1. The allowable bending stress for these shapes [eq. This chapter sets forth design criteria for prismatic structural members and connections of a below-thehook lifting device.

The shape factors for these shapes are typically 1. A pinconnected plate may fail in the region of the pinhole in any of four modes. Thus, evaluation of the fatigue life of a lifting device in which service stresses for the maximum loading static plus impact were compared to the allowable ranges in Table A choice of five Service Classes is provided. CL hole be other than to require that the strength of the connected pieces within the connection provide a design factor of at least 1.

Along with these technical changes, the nonmandatory Commentary for each chapter was moved to its own respective Nonmandatory Appendix.


The rectifier shall be selenium or silicon type, qsme to withstand the stalled current of the motor. Experience shows that this is acceptable practice for devices not subject to cyclic loading.


Regardless of the method used, the required member and connection design factors must be provided. For a complete-penetration groove weld, the effective throat thickness is the thickness of the thinner part bth-1-22014.

The allowable single plane fracture strength beyond the pinhole Pb is Fp p 1. Minimum Sizes of Fillet Welds. Special wiring, shielding, filters, and grounding may need to be considered to account for the effects of electromagnetic interference EMIradio frequency interference RFIand other forms of emissions. A lifter may move briefly through an area of frigid air wsme the temperature of the steel dropping to the point of concern. The range of total loads was developed by computing the total load static plus dynamic for the combination of the spectra shown in Tables C A qualified person needs to consider the same operating and abnormal scenarios used in the design of the structural bth-1-2104, including environment, shock and operating cycles, when incorporating commercial components into the lifting device.

However, the effects of stress concentrations are most important when determining fatigue life. Customary units Fyksi p The system shall be designed to protect against pressures bgh-1-2014 the rating of the system or any component. The aame center-to-center spacing of plug welds shall be four times the diameter of the hole.

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Definitions bth-1-20014 the dimensions used in Table These load conditions are characteristic of use of the lifter in work environments where the weights of the loads being handled may not be well known, and the lifting operations are conducted in a more rapid, production-oriented manner.

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If one desires a design for a number of load cycles somewhere between the minimum and maximum of a particular Service Class and for a known varying amplitude, a cumulative fatigue approach utilizing eq.

Extensive coverage of the topic can be found in Galambos The vertical load in the pinhole produces shear btj-1-2014 above the hole. Our representatives are ready to assist bth-1-22014 in the following areas: These devices may be part of the hoisting equipment from which the lifter is suspended, or may be incorporated as part of the lifting device.

The term VS is the coefficient of variation of the spectrum of loads to which the lifter may be subjected. The interaction formulas for cylindrical members recognize that the maximum bending stresses about two mutually perpendicular axes do not occur at the same point.

It is not a strength limit. The fatigue life of a lifting device that will be used in a manner such that the standard load spectra are not representative of the expected loading can be evaluated using eq. Lifters used in the industrial applications of the types for which Design Category B is appropriate have traditionally been proportioned using a design factor of 3, as has been required by ASME B The allowable bearing stress defined by eq.

If not specified by the owner, purchaser, bth-1-201 user, the Design Category and Service Class shall be designated by the qualified person responsible for the design.