Sri Ardhanarishwara Stotram devotional song the song is sung about the Lord Shiva and Parvathi in other words durga the app contains 9 wallpapers the app. Ardhanarishvara represents the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies of the universe (Purusha and Prakriti) and illustrates how Shakti, the female. Shiva Jaya Jayakara Dhyana Stotram. Listen to Dr. S. K. Ardhanarishwara Stotram song from the album Sri Shiva Sahasranamavali Stotras is released on Feb

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The word digambara indicates that HE does not wear clothes, as a mark of renunciation.

Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Edit Email Id Contact Us. It will be featured on Winners page shortly. Archived from the original on 21 November The goddess agreed and created various female powers from her body, thereby allowing creation to progress.

Purusha is the male principle and passive force of the universe, while Prakriti is the female active force; both are “constantly drawn arthanareewsarar embrace and fuse with each other, though Ardhanarishvara Shiva then enjoys his own half — the Great Goddess — by “the path of yoga” and creates Brahma and Vishnu from her body.

The left side is the location of the heart and is associated with feminine characteristics like intuition and creativity, while the right is associated with the brain and masculine traits ttelugu logic, valour and systematic thought. The sculpture is three-headed and eight-armed, holding akshamalakhadga swordpashamusalakapala skull cuplotus and other objects.


In the Skanda PuranaParvati requests Shiva to allow her to reside with him, embracing “limb-to-limb”, and so Ardhanarishvara is formed. Retrieved 6 February The unnamed half-female form of Shiva is also alluded to in the epic Telygu. The right leg may be shotram bent or straight and often rests on a lotus pedestal padma-pitha.

The file is not to be copied or reposted for promotion of any website or individuals or for commercial purpose without permission. He wears ornaments characteristic of Shiva’s iconography, including serpent ornaments.


IxaNa can mean look or eye. The iconographic 16th century work Shilparatnathe Matsya Purana and Arthansreeswarar texts like Amshumadbhedagama, Kamikagama, Supredagama and Karanagama — most of them of South Indian origin — describe the iconography of Ardhanarishvara. Official site of author. The name Ardhanarishvara means “the Lord Who is half woman. Are you sure you want to remove this from your watching list?

Ardhanarishwara Stotram

University of Chicago Press. Seeing the half-male, half-female form, the demon lost interest in her and left. Retrieved arhtanareeswarar ” https: The left eye is painted with black eyeliner. In one verse, the right eye is compared to the sun, the left one is compared to moon and the one of forehead is compared to fire. I bow to ShivA and Shiva in the form of ardhanArishvara.

Arthanareeswara Stotram

Retrieved 26 January Please enter Valid details Ok got it! The right male half has matted hair with a skull and crescent moon; the left female half has well-combed hair decorated with flowers and wears a patra-kundala earring. A tilaka or bindu a round red dot adorns her forehead, matching Shiva’s third eye. The whole right half is described as smeared with ashes and as terrible and red-coloured or gold or coral in appearance; however, these features are rarely depicted.


As her attempt to humiliate the sage had failed, Parvati punished herself with austerities that pleased Wtotram and led him to grant her the boon of uniting with him, thereby compelling Bhringi to worship her as well as himself in the form of Ardhanarishvara.

Often, the right half of Ardhanarishvara is male and the left is female. Atmashatkam Sri Shiva Sahasranamavali Stotras.

Bhaktisamachar: Ardhanariswara Stotra Lyrics in English Script

The Cult of Draupadi: The Art Institute of Chicago. In the four-armed form, one of the left arms rests on Nandi’s head, while the other is bent in kataka pose and holds a nilotpala blue lotus teugu hangs loosely at her side. The Temples of Tamilnadu.

However, the sage assumed the form of a beetle and circumambulating only the male half, drilling a hole in the deity. The male half wears a jata-mukuta a headdress formed of piled, matted arthnareeswarar on his head, adorned with a crescent moon.

Please help to maintain respect for volunteer spirit. Chandrashekarashtakam Sri Shiva Sahasranamavali Stotras. The left leg may be somewhat bent or straight, resting on a lotus pedestal.