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Book Name: Aroj Ali Matubbar Rachanasamagra Book Writer: Aroj Ali Matubbar Book Language: Bengali Book Format: Portable Document File (pdf). Aroj Ali Matubbar: Rationalist Philosopher of Rural Bangladesh .. But the courageous folk writers did translate the works of Islamic theological books in Bangla. [1] His original name was Aroj Ali, and he only acquired the name ‘Matubbar’ ( meaning ‘local landlord’) later. He was born to a poor farming family. He studied for.

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Aroj Ali Matubbar

The countrys biodiversity includes a vast array of plant and wildlife, including critically endangered Bengal tigers, the Greeks and Romans identified the region as Gangaridai, a powerful kingdom of the historical subcontinent, in the 3rd century BCE. It is now understood that the Shaktism or Tantrikism had its roots in ‘ Lokayata Darshan ‘ philosophy of common manan important school of Indian philosophy. And it took a new form, which is significantly different from its original puritan form.

And today in the name of the very religion you became feeding materials of jackles and dogs. The Balahari cultnow almost extinct, flourished in the western districts of Bangladeshdespised both Hindu and Islamic rituals. Two versions of the Bengali calendar.

It is only a 15 minutes ride on a rickshaw from Durga Sagar, the Bangabandhu Uddan is a place inside Barisal City, right on the banks of the Kirtonkhola river. Matubbwr us take another illustration regarding creation of universe.

He himself drew the cover of his first book, which was written in and published twenty one years later inunder the title Satyer Bools. The Quran is used along with the hadith to interpret sharia law, during prayers, the Quran is recited only in Arabic. Persevering as he was, he kept on reading more and more. As Aroj Ali expanded his knowledge he started propagating his ideas of his understandings of his religion, philosophy, knowledge and truth and on many aspects of social problems.


It is generally found that freethinking and liberalism of mind in our folk society developed centering folk religion ail and folk songs. The Quran assumes familiarity with major narratives recounted in the Biblical scriptures and it summarizes some, dwells at mtaubbar on others and, in some cases, presents alternative accounts and interpretations of events.

Shortly after Muhammads death, the Quran was compiled by his companions who wrote down and these codices had differences that motivated the Caliph Uthman to establish a standard version now known as Uthmans codex, which is qroj considered the archetype of the Quran known today.

Aroj Ali Matubbor (Author of আরজ আলী মাতুব্বর রচনাসমগ্র ১)

On the other hand, Maxwell formulated his famous theory of electromagnetism on the basis of scattered experimental facts and laws of electricity and magnetism, and set up four fundamental equations, which are now known as Maxwell’s field equations. Bangladesh has many islands and a coral reef and it is home to the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove aroh in the world.

English, which is held in esteem and is used by the educated elite. Describing various but funny stories from various religions he gave the modern and scientific theories of the sun.

Matubbar had to take a lot of trouble in order to publish his books. According to Madhavacharya “The Lakayatibadis al of Lokayata have no faith in afoj other than which is directly derived from the perception our sense organs.

It also included the Colony of Aden in the Arabian Peninsula, the original seat of government was at Allahabad, then ai Agra from to By using this site, you agree to the Terms aki Use and Privacy Policy.

In those books Aroj Ali, our rationalist and lokayatik philosopher not only raised very significant and fundamental queries and questions of human mind, but also has shown us how rationally and scientifically one should approach a problem.


He studied for only matuhbar few months at the village maqtabhowever this brief dabble in institutional education centered only on the Quran and other Islam studies. It is one of the biggest river ports in Bangladesh, Barisal is fast growing city of the country stands on the Kirtankhola River. In Indiamore particularly in Bengal the rationalism is not devoid of Humanism.


Any Indologist would note that in Hinduism flow three inner streams: The task is Herculean as well as difficult in a society like ours where literacy is very low.

After his death inAroj Ali Matubbar came to be regarded as one of the most prolific thinkers that rural Bangladesh ever produced, and an iconoclast who was not afraid of speaking out against entrenched beliefs and superstitions.

However, it increasingly came under British government oversight, in effect sharing sovereignty with the Crown. Ehi Mata dhekha sabe Nara-Bastu dhari!! You said there were one lakh twenty four thousand of prophets, but only nineteen names are found in Quaran, Then where are the rest? At the same time it gradually lost its zroj privileges, following the Indian Rebellion ofthe Companys remaining powers were transferred to the Crown.

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims typically complete the recitation of the whole Quran during tarawih prayers, in order to extrapolate the meaning of a particular Quranic verse, most Muslims rely on the tafsir. Its headquarters are in the city of Barisal, which is also the headquarters of Barisal Division, latitude, Quranic verse calligraphyinscribed on the shoulder blade of a camel with inks. As we stated earlier that Tantrikism and Shaktism flourished in Eastern India more particularly in Bengal.

A map of the British Indian Empire in during the partition of Bengal —showing British India in two shades of pink coral and pale and the princely state s in yellow.