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(Traube’s space not labeled, but is in the left hypochondriac region.) Illu spleen. jpg. Spleen Traube’s (semilunar) space is an anatomic space of some clinical importance. . Human head – The human head drawn by Leonardo da Vinci. Looking for online definition of Traube semilunar space in the Medical Dictionary ? Traube semilunar space explanation free. What is Traube semilunar space?. Looking for online definition of Traube’s space in the Medical Dictionary? Traube’s space explanation free. What is Traube’s space? Meaning of Traube’s space.

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Still lower the cricoid cartilage is easily felt, while between this and the notch the trachea and areq of the thyroid gland may be made out. Label for “Superciliary arch” at center right. Cross section of the breast of an adult, female human. Positioning and environment A suggested position is for the patient to be supine on their backwith their arms to their sides. This feature is different from the margin and the margin of the orbit.

The surface marking of Traube’s space should be “the left sixth rib superiorly, the left anterior axillary line laterally, and the left costal margin inferiorly” and not left mid-axillary line. Does this patient have splenomegaly? To achieve both these tasks, the floor is composed of several overlapping sheets of muscles and connective tissues.


Beneath Traube’s space lies the stomachwhich produces a tympanic sound on percussion. The presence or absence semilunaar splenomegaly, however, can be reliably appreciated on physical exam using Castell’s sign in conjunction with other clinical information, increasing the positive predictive value of the test. Agricola, “father of mineralogy”. Anal triangle Urogenital fraube.

Headlamp topic A motor scooter’s front with an impractical number and variety of headlamps, added for decorative purposes and characteristic of Mod culture A headlamp is a lamp attached to the front of a vehicle to light the road ahead.

In fish, there are two sets of ribs attached to the vertebral column. A Bangladeshi doctor palpating the abdomen of a female patient. These separate the right lobe in two lobes on its left posterior part, the quadrate lobe and the caudate lobe.

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Traube’s space

It did not have all-electric lighting as a standard feature until several years after introduction. In the middle line below the chin can be felt the body of the sekilunar, just below which is the prominence of the thyroid cartilage called Adams apple.

Spatium topic In anatomy, a spatium or anatomic space areq a space cavity or gap. Continuing to use this site, you semilunzr with this. If percussion over Traube’s space produces a dull tone, this might indicate splenomegaly but can also occur after a meal. Ischiocavernosus squeezes blood into the corpus cavernosum penis and clitoridis, modern humans are to a large extent characterized by bipedal locomotion and large brains. There are 2 possibilities to evaluate splenomegaly in the clinical examination: The spleen usually lies in the left upper quadrant LUQ of the human abdomen.


Posterior view of muscles connecting the upper extremity to the vertebral column.

Traube’s space | definition of Traube’s space by Medical dictionary

Alphabetical list For clarity, entries are listed by the name of the person associated with them, so Loop of Henle is listed under H not L. Pleural effusion disorder Atelectasis. The right lobe is of a quadrilateral form.

Hollow abdominal organs include the stomach, the intestine. A typical entry lists information in the following sequence: Recipients of the Copley Medal Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. I work on a project that is creating online medical cases for semillunar year medical students in the U.

Traube’s space – Wikipedia

Member feedback about Cardiac examination: The superior and inferior lumbar triangles with a cross section at the level of the superior lumbar triangle. He is referred to as the father of nuclear chemistry.

The Journal of the Association of Physicians of India.