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Advanced Plating Technologies, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin company, is an industry leading provider of passivation of stainless steel to ASTM A, AMS AMS-QQ-P QQ-P Passivation of Corrosion Resistant Steels. RATIONALE. AMSE is issued to incorporate all changes approved by AMS Committee. ASTM F86 for Orthopedic implants, AMS for aerospace, ASTM A It is relatively easy to modify a passivation process to satisfy ASTM A [link is to.

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But if it’s a medical instrument or implant, then you’re also going to have to show the appropriate tribute to an F standard. November 27, — this entry appended to this thread by editor in lieu of spawning a duplicative thread A. ASTM A renumbered those to nitric 1 through 4, while AMS brought back the ones that had been removed and has types 1 through 8.

From beautiful Pine Beach New Jersey: Experts affiliated with SAE International include those in industries like commercial vehicles, automotive and aerospace—all industries for which Able Electropolishing provides stainless steel passivation.

In simple terms, he’s saying that given 2 SS surfaces which have different concentrations of free iron, the chemical reaction will take longer in the surface with more free iron. The two standards are essentially equivalent. Indeed also my conclusion is that it is an omission.

ASTM A967 vs. AMS 2700? Which is the right passivation spec?

What requirement or standard is he auditing passivatiin against, since clearly it is not A? F86 refers to surgical implants of any metallic alloy, and basically just says “do whatever treatment is applicable and appropriate to ensure corrosion resistance”. It appears that the types are associated with method 1, not method 2. A has a lot of excellent recommendations on general cleaning etc.


AMS Method 1 Type II Passivation for Medical Device

The passivation process consists of immersing the stainless steel in a solution of citric acid, or other acid plus oxidizing salts, which dissolves the embedded or deposited iron and restores the original corrosion-resistant surface a thin, transparent oxide film. Can you please tell me the differences between the passivation processes AMS [link by ed. There are other in-house specifications for some companies. As you see, we added your question to a thread which already answers it.

All The specifications are the same, then why are the Names different? We design our own parts, and do our own passivation in house, and hence prefer the testing requirements of ASTM A At Able Electropolishing, we meet the AMS passivation standard with our metal passivation services.

ASTM A [link by ed.

Which is the right passivation spec? AMS considers different parts, or the same part made at different times, to be different lots with the exception for parts with the legacy QQ-P called out, when you can use the older definition.

ASTM A – Passivate – Passivation – AMS – QQ-PC – ASTM A | Santa Clara Plating

It’s not possible to diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages. Lee Kremer Stellar Solutions, Inc. Both contain a carryover of QQ-PC passivaion the addition of the more recently developed citric acid based process.


April 12, A. Always specify exactly what you want– e. December 2, A.

ppassivation The 3 consensus specifications used at this time, and that should be used for all specifications of passivation are:. Is one better than another for medical devices? You’ll probably see for yourself why it’s not a good idea.

Hello, we’ve sent many parts to our different passivation vendors and keep getting parts that are “Flash attacked” or etched. Specifically, this standard refers to the requirements for removing surface contaminants like free iron from the surface of corrosion-resistant steel parts.

Rest in peace, Ken. Is your business surgical implants, or are you with a passivation shop, or what? July 6, A. November 7, A. In order to prevent this corrosion, semi-finished or finished parts are given a passivation treatment. Method 1 is subdivided into 8 Types corresponding to the types in old QQ-P while Method 2 is not subdivided. Of course testing with your parts against desired performance levels is recommended as well.

You can guess the increase in the amount of testing involved. If you do not specify, they can use whatever they want, even ways passivztion are not in any of the specifications!