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AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting from 7–10 January in Grapevine, Texas The multidimensional program features a speed mentoring leadership. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite Reston, VA AIAA (). AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting from 7–10 January in Grapevine, Nick Skytland, Program Manager, Open Innovation Program, NASA (bio).

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Speakers will highlight emerging technologies—both hardware and software—in development within the IT community that have the potential for civil, military aiaaa commercial aeronautical and space applications.

The lectureship emphasizes the great importance of basic research to advancement in aeronautics and astronautics, and is a salute to research scientists and engineers.

The submission deadline for abstracts is 31 January AIAA in the News. The United States has recently implemented sweeping changes to its patent laws. Reading like an aeronautical and astronautical “who’s who,” it is also the amazing story of the organizations’ founders, leaders and members — visionary individuals and dedicated engineers advancing theories and technologies in a profession that has forever changed society and shaped everyday life as we know it.

On 9 January from — hrs, we will hold the entire Engineers as Educators Workshop for those interested in working with K students and teachers.

Attendees will have the chance to engage the newly elected Congress on many auaa related to critical issues in civil aeronautics, civil astronautics, and defense. View the complete course list and scheduled courses. Additionally, the First Place student will have the opportunity to present their work along with winners from the U.

The application deadline is 31 May Topics of the papers included: Especially useful for first-time attendees, the social will offer the opportunity to meet with other professionals and young members who are experts at navigating the many sessions, speakers, paper presentations, and receptions. Stop by to grab a drink and network with other attendees during Proggram Happy Hours.


Development of the Dreamliner. Air Force, and the FAA.

Get a jump start and attend the Career and Workforce Development Workshop. Enjoy an informal short program, followed by networking time!

This is a great new program to add to your line-up! Spin-on Technology for Aeronautics and Space Moderator: Commissioned on the occasion as, its 75th anniversary, here is the fascinating historical account of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics — and its predecessor organizations, the American Rocket Society and The Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences — and the significant contributions each has made to the evolution of flight.

2013 International Events and Activities

Air Force bio Dr. Key members of the AIAA student branch at The University of Adelaide will form a core team of students performing technical and managements tasks throughout the project.

What did the International Space Station receive for the first time on 2 November ? For more information, contact carols aiaa.

Nominate your colleague for world-wide recognition. The New Horizons Forum has gained significant attention from leaders and managers in the aerospace industry and government research labs.

It provides, in one single reference, a comprehensive description of the state of the art of these natural environment inputs. Speakers will also explore how aerospace and IT companies are currently collaborating to prograk these applications to market.

Special Activities and Networking

As of Januarynomination packages that exceed the page limit will be returned to the nominator. Whatever your motivation, there is a workshop for you!

This year the conference had 36 students in attendancemaking 34 presentations, representing 19 different universities throughoutEurope. University of Adelaide Students work on QB50 International Satellite Project QB50 is a large international collaborative program thatwill result in a constellation of 50 CubeSats to measure key parameters and constituents in the largely unexplored lower thermosphere and ionosphere.


On this panel, we will examine the promise of “spin-on” technologies from the future of the Information Technology community, and how these technologies awm influence the development of future aerospace systems.

Special Activities and Networking : The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

This porgram event and technology showcase will bring together a broad community of stakeholders from industry, academia, and the U. The Aerospace Sciences Meeting features a number of activities that help us honor achievements and contributions to the profession.

Recognition Activities and Lectureships Recognizing the best in our profession for their outstanding achievement is one of the primary goals of AIAA. From the early struggles to create and distinguish aeronautics as a distinct profession, through the technological necessities brought on by two world wars, to the incredible advances spawned by the Space Age, this narrative covers it all in a highly readable, thoroughly researched way. This event is open to all attendees and no tickets are required.

The subcommittee working groups will meet to discuss variousprojects dealing with engineering design, integration and testing, operationsand ground support, space environment, program management, materials and processes,and orbital debris.

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