Consecutive sequence of numbers. Above the line. For an above the line vote ( ATL), voters are instructed to consecutively number at least 6. The Scrutineers Handbook; What’s new at this election? This handbook is published by the AEC, the Commonwealth agency that maintains. Scrutineers Handbook: Appendix 2: Postal voting be made online through the AEC’s Postal Voting Application or via a paper form and must.

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That initial count should take less than 2 hours. Here I will attempt to explain what happens at the polling place after the polls close and in the tally room in the days after the election. Support No Fibs Citizen Journalism.

Election 2016: eyes on every vote as Gilmore count unfolds

This provides an indication of the likely outcome of the election in each division. Subsequent preferrencial counts 6?

The five overarching principles that must be considered when interpreting the numbers on any ballot paper that has passed the initial two tests are: At tally rooms all round Australia the declaration envelopes are sorted by electorate, and the number received for each electorate is recorded.

Each candidate in the election is allowed to appoint one scrutineer for each polling official involved in the counting process. After completion of each parcel the divisional staff then enter the totals for that handbooj into the national computerised Election Management System, which in turn updates the Virtual Tally Room VTR on the AEC website.

Declaration votes received on behalf of divisions ahndbook another state or territory are sent to that state or territory and then are distributed to the relevant divisions.


The preliminary scrutiny of declaration votes occurs away from scrutinrers main counting area of the tally room.

The reckoning of Indi: What took so long?

These ace are not AEC officals, but men and women drawn from the public, not active in politics or party members, and who give honesty and integrity to the process. A complete validation of the previous count is undertaken which is rigorous in the approach to accuracy. Today Week Month All Sorry. This decision was made by an electoral official six weeks before polling day, based on historical results.

In the tally room, the action is anything but slow, but timeframes mentioned here are based on my observations of when the information started to appear on the AEC Virtual Tally Room VTR website. The counting of 15, declaration votesof which were deemed to be invalid, has taken approximately five days.

These are known as declaration votes. Electronic Certified List ECL devices will be used to assist divisional staff in conducting preliminary scrutiny.

Normally, Indi is a very safe seat and a winner can be declared within hours of the counting process being commenced. On completion of each batch, the envelopes and ballot papers are placed back into a central location in separate boxes. Scrrutineers election day 49, votes were cast in polling places handbolk Indi.

This election in Indi has been like none before in living memory. For further information on the formality of votes, refer to http: These votes are included in the count if they were cast before 6pm on Election Day and are received within 13 days after the close of the poll. The AEC clearly respects the franchise.

The reckoning of Indi: What took so long?

September 20, scdutineers The results are then tabulated and the first preference vote figures for each candidate are telephoned to the relevant DRO. Comments A New Day in Indi says: If any vote is in doubt it will be looked at by one or two other people to ensure it is a valid vote according to the five overarching principles.


This caused a delay in two-candidate-preferred 2CP results being shown on the AEC virtual tally room website on election night.

If an envelope is empty or missing a ballot paper a record is made of a missing ballot paper. Ballots bundled after counting. Sorry, your blog cannot share scrufineers by email.

In the two weeks prior, there were approximately 28, votes cast at early pre-polling voting centres PPVCs throughout the electorate. The preliminary scrutiny of declaration vote envelopes determines which declaration votes are admissible and can proceed to further scrutiny. At handboik end of each scrutiny the number of valid votes for each candidate and recorded and compared against the original count.

So before your vote is boxed up and put away it is checked at least four times. When the Scruineers of Representatives election and Senate election are held at the same time, the House of Representatives ballot papers are scrutinised before Senate ballot papers. For this reason, the counting of postal votes is an ongoing process for up to 13 days after Election Day.