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Simodrive 6RA27 LIVE PLC Questions And Answers. Join Date: Nov Location: UK. Posts: 5, Here’s what one of the manuals says. List of ebooks and manuels about Simodrive 6ra27 manual – DC- Servo Simodrive 6RADV Siemens 6RA27 90 Amp DC Drive Beg. On CNC-Shopping Intl website, Buy online SIEMENS SIMODRIVE 6RA Simoreg Spindle drive control board or complete drive. Find SIEMENS SIMOREG 6RA.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. How do I perform diagnostics if a fault occurs? You do not have to read the entire text, only the item relevant to your problem. This permits you to perform the necessary preliminary investigation, which you can then discuss with Technical Support for contact address, see Section For further documentation, please go to the following links: Only here will you find the necessary information regarding correct parameterization and optimization of the closed-loop control!

First of all, set only the parameters described in Section 7. Only when you have completed this basic start-up procedure can you set the parameters for other functions such as technological closed-loop control and Profibus. To protect the system, if necessary activate any fault messages suppressed in the factory settings with P – see “Fault messages”. Failure to follow the relevant Operating Instructions may result in death, serious injury or considerable material damage.

Only qualified personnel who are familiar with all the safety information contained in the Operating Instructions, as well as the assembly, operating and maintenance instructions, should carry out work on these units. Perfect, safe and reliable operation of the units is conditional upon them having been professionally transported, stored, mounted, and installed, and having been carefully operated and maintained.

The output of the power section for the armature and field is not electrically isolated from the input, which means that dangerous voltages will be present at the output when the supply voltage is applied to the input.


Please also remember that dangerous voltages are also present on the power interface and field module. The power supply for electronics modules CUD1, CUD2, and other electronic expansion modules is however electrically isolated from the line voltage. Their reference ground “M” is at ground potential.

This document will first 6rra27 with operations on the equipment, for example, using the operator panel, connectors, binectors, and then their relevance to control and setpoint inputs and diagnostics when fault messages occur. You will find basic theory on converters and procedures for performing measurements further on in the documentation to refresh you knowledge. This 6da27 is rounded off 6rs27 an introduction to control engineering.

Please use the index in the appendix to find the items you are require. Device data and device standards: Setting parameters; these parameters can be modified. Maunal parameters; these parameters can be read only; they cannot be modified, P Control word for the permanent memory non-volatile storage of the parameters and some process datar Device code for MLFB order number of the device.


Simodrive 6ra27 manual

Software version and software identifier of electronics board CUD1 r Board code x stands for the index number of the parameter P Rated device connection voltage for armature r Rated device DC current for armature acc. Actual rated DC device current for the armature after adaptation by means of P and P Rated DC device current for the field acc.

Actual rated DC device current for the field after adaptation with P Rated device connection voltage for the field P Overload capability enabled, maximum 1. Total thermal derating factor as a function of the ambient temperature and installation altitude of the device.

Rated line voltage for converter armature P Rated line voltage for converter field P Operating mode for the field Note: Always quote MLFB rr Ideally, e-mail a full parameter upload. Manul motor current, armature P Rated motor voltage, armature; for 1Q, set maximum line voltage x 1. Rated motor current, field P Positive current limit for armature with reference to P set positive values P Negative current limit for armature with reference to P set negative values P Positive torque limit with reference to rated motor torque set positive values P Negative torque limit with reference to rated motor torque set negative values P — P Settings for speed-dependent current limiting, see Section 9.

PMU simple operator panel on the device door: Seven-segment display with three keys. Keep pressing the P key until a letter with a number is displayed, this is the parameter number display, which can be changed using the UP and DOWN keys. The index of the parameter is displayed if it exists when P is pressed, e. You can speed up the change in the displayed value by additionally pressing the opposite key while adjusting with the UP or DOWN key. In P, you can set the interface in which a parameter can be modified.

To parameterize via Profibus, enter an odd number, for example, 7. Not only the key parameter but also the operating status must be taken into account when changing the parameter value.

Parameters designated “offline” in Chapter 11 of the Operating Instructions are OFF-line parameters, which means that their values can only be modified when pulses disable: Only around 20 parameters have to be set for simple applications, manuwl which the PMU is sufficient. Mannual function block diagrams: To mabual found in Chapter 8 of the Operating Maunal. In the following description, we refer to their sheet numbers, e. The function block diagrams can be read like an analog circuit diagram and represent the entire controller structure with the parameters, connectors, and binectors used.

The control loops are shown in the sequence in which they are calculated by the processor, reading from page 1 to the next, and from left to right. If a function does not work correctly, the content of the connectors and binectors in the circuit diagrams starting from the signal source and the display of a read-only parameter rxxx, nxxx xxx representing the number of the r-parameter or n-parameter can be checked for measured values.


This is a simple way of ascertaining up to which part of the circuit diagram the value is still OK. This procedure helps to localize the cause of an error and remedy it. The parameter factory setting is always given in 6r2a7 next to the parameter numbers in the circuit diagram, e.

Setting parameter P with a factory setting of 0, or for indexed parameters, the value under “FS”. The S00 technological software free function blocks is enabled with a PIN code. The PIN code depends on the factory number of the device and is therefore device-specific. You can check whether it is enabled in parameter n After the free operating hours for the S00 have expired, error message F is output.

SIMOREG K 6RA23 Instruction Manual |

Time for S00 fully expired, the additional technological blocks are no longer available. Order number for ordering the PIN code: U — U; U — U; U PIN not accepted, see: Without enabling temporary or permanentthe free function blocks are not calculated and their connectors and binectors then have the value 0.

For further information see the description for U in the Operating Instructions. The function descriptions are to be found in Chapter 9 of the Operating Instructions, a short-hand summary of the most frequently used functions is given below: The device can be parameterized flexibly using the digital signals, the connectors Kxxxx: The selection parameters are used to select at which intervention point the connector or binector in manial will take effect.

The status of terminal 36 is mapped in binector B and the inverted signal of it 6ra2 B Manuxl binector number of the signal that is intended to change the status of terminal 46 is entered in parameter P This can be recognized by the B for binector number entered in the input 6fa27 for the signal.

When shown in the associated parameter above it, this means, enter the number of the binector to take effect at this intervention point. 6ra2 number of the connector whose value is to be output via terminal 14 is entered in parameter P, e.


This is identified by the K for connector number entered in the input field directly below the parameter number. Entry of the binector number P Entry of the connector number This permits intervention of the binectors in the open-loop control and intervention of the connectors in the closed-loop control.

For the connector – binector list see Chapter 12 of the Operating Instructions. Fixed-value connectors and binectors, Sheet G Display of connector and binector contents: Sheet G Display of connector contents: Entry of the connector numbers in P High-resolution connector displays as a percentage U, n Connector displays as a decimal value.

Connector displays as hexadecimal value. Display of binector contents: Entry of binector numbers in P